‘Thor’ Director Taika Waititi Working With Scarlett Johansson on New ‘Tower of Terror’ Movie

'Thor" Director Working With Scarlett Johansson on New Tower of Terror Movie
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In the world of Disney remakes, there are only a few options that fans would consider viable. As Disney learned the hard way, no one wanted a¬†Haunted Mansion¬†reboot. No one asked for¬†The Little Mermaid¬†to be made over, either. However, as Disney is dead-set on not backing down from its remake strategy at the box office, new films like¬†Snow White¬†and¬†Tangled¬†are on the way, whether we want them or not. However, a few stories deserve the jump from animation to live-action. Tim Burton’s¬†Nightmare Before Christmas, potentially starring one Johnny Depp, would be high on the list. However, another forgotten live-action movie that Disney did many years ago is potentially also getting another shot in front of audiences, only this time it’s bringing the combined star power of Disney’s Hollywood Tower of Terror, Taika Waititi, and Scarlett Johansson to the fight!

Taikai Waititi and Scarlett Johansson are no strangers to each other. Both have been prominently featured within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Johansson played Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) in several Marvel and¬†Avengers¬†projects, while Waititi voiced Korg alongside Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. Taikai Waititi also directed the last two¬†Thor¬†films,¬†Ragnarok¬†(2017) and¬†Love and Thunder¬†(2022). Although Waititi has become a household name in Disney-related projects, some might find it interesting that Scarlett Johansson is a name associated with potential projects. After a nasty lawsuit over the release strategy of¬†Black Widow¬†(2021), it is surprising that ScarJo (as fans affectionately call her) would entertain a return to Disney. However, according to Collider, it’s happening.¬†

Scarlett Johansson tower of terror movie

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Collider highlighted some exciting takeaways from Variety’s recent interviews with Scarlett Johansson and Taikai Waititi. Although Waititi discussed many of his upcoming works, including an unnamed¬†Star Wars¬†project, one interesting point referenced that he will direct a brand-new¬†Tower of Terror¬†movie. Johansson, on the other hand, insisted that there was no “bad blood” between herself and Disney, leaving the door open to assume her participation in the film as previously planned. Just when a new movie might come to fruition is left to anyone’s best guess. As SAG-AFTRA strikes have Hollywood on a current shutdown, and both actors/directors remain extremely busy, a timeline for Disney’s newest reboot remains unclear. Waititi, who also worked for Disney as a voice actor in¬†Lightyear¬†(2022), was mum on when the new film could debut but insisted that it’s happening.

The Hollywood Tower of Terror

Of course, this isn’t the first time Disney has made a film based on one of their popular rides. The wildly popular franchise¬†Pirates of the Caribbean, featuring Johnny Depp, was based on the ride of the same name that can be found in Disney parks worldwide. Although not nearly as successful, the same can be said of 2003’s¬†Haunted Mansion¬†movie, which starred Eddie Murphy. Classic Disney attractions are all about storytelling, making them fantastic options to adapt to film. Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean are both examples of the rich lore and history that played out on camera once the jump was made.

Taika Waititi tower of terror movie

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Another classic Disney attraction with much lore to draw inspiration from is the Tower of Terror. This exciting elevator-style thrill attraction encompasses a fear of heights and a chilling back story based around the Twilight Zone. The Hollywood Tower Hotel, located at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, sits as the backdrop to Sunset Boulevard, ushering guests in for a stay. However, once they check in, they only sometimes check out. The ride features an immaculate queue that looks right out of a horror movie, and the story of the attraction is something straight out of the early years of Hollywood. 

‘Tower of Terror’ the Movie

As we mentioned, the Disney World attraction makes for a perfect movie set, so much so that Disney tried their hand at a¬†Tower of Terror¬†movie in 1997. Starring Steve Guttenberg and a young Kirsten Dunst, the film earned a different following than other scary-themed projects like Hocus Pocus. However, there are still a few out there who enjoy pulling out the film, which includes shots on location of the actual attraction at Walt Disney World and giving it a watch as part of the spooky season festivities. It’s a perfect family movie that follows a journalist and his aide as they track down answers surrounding the mysterious disappearance of five people at the Hollywood Tower Hotel on Halloween night in 1939. Complete with some shoddy acting, the film goes sideways when the guests of the hotel dig a little too far into the mystery, and things quickly get out of hand.

tower of terror movie

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Although the original movie wasn’t the success Disney probably hoped it would be, Tower of Terror seems to be one of those old films that is perfect for a reboot, given the right direction and casting. As Taika Waititi is well-known for portraying his sense of humor through his direction, and Scarlett Johansson has the star power to fill seats, this might be Disney’s best shot at a successful remake in the coming years. One thing is for certain: it can’t be worse than its 1997 counterpart, and those who love the attraction can’t wait to see¬†Tower of Terror¬†once it comes to fruition.

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