‘Ahsoka’s’ Chopper Isn’t Just Any Droid, He’s a Murderous War Criminal

‘Ahsoka’s’ Chopper Isn’t Just Any Droid, He’s a Murderous War Criminal
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You may have read that title and thought, “What kind of clickbait ridiculousness is this?” Although I’d love to tell you that Chopper, who was made famous in Star Wars: Rebels alongside Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, and Hera Syndulla, is just your run-of-the-mill astromech, that wouldn’t be true. Chopper, or C1-10P, isn’t just some droid. In fact, he brings with him a very checkered past full of murder, ultimately bolstering him as the most dangerous Star Wars character in the entire universe.

“Chop” the War Criminal – Highest Kill Count in ‘Star Wars’

Although Chopper has enjoyed a ton of animated success in Rebels and Bad Batch, the feisty droid has now jumped to live-action in Ahsoka on Disney+. As the animated Star Wars series were intended for children, many new droids were introduced who are now crossing over into live-action films and series. However, as the animated versions of these characters gained a heavy following of adult audiences who enjoyed the secondary plots encompassing Star Wars lore, Disney and Dave Filoni had no issue taking a 90-degree turn and offering darker themes into their series.

war criminal ‘Ahsoka’ Brings to Life a Fan-Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Droid in a Whole New Way

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With more freedom to write characters, Chopper, who was always argumentative and a little “out there,” started racking up Imperial KIAs. Chopper holds an unconfirmed kill count totaling over 50,000. That isn’t some random number; folks sat down and did the math. The bulks of Chop’s kill count came during Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Episode 8. Inside the Magic has a fantastic calendar highlighting each time the violent and erratic droid took someone’s life, including 47,000 kills in one go.

“In season 2, episode 8 he turned the gravity off, then on again, causing three Imperials to plummet to their deaths. He also tried to kill Ezra, but was unsuccessful once again. In the same episode, he also sabotaged the Indictor, causing it to explode and take two Imperial Cruisers down with it. The Indicator seemed roughly the same size as an Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer; according to the Wiki, those have over 37,000 crewmembers and an additional 9,700 Stormtroopers. Which makes a total of just under 47,000 people.”

Chopper is a Genocidal Maniac, and Social Media Loves Him

Chopper (C1-10P) | StarWars.com war criminal

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There are plenty of instances of Chopper randomly killing other droids by pushing them out of aircraft, his murderously failed attempts on Ezra’s life, and even suggesting committing infanticide when he and Zeb come across a force-sensitive baby in the hull of an Inquisitor’s ship. Chop’s kill count is ridiculous, and although Disney and Filoni present Chop as an erratic but hilarious droid, the truth is he’s a genocidal maniac. For this reason, the internet is obsessed with him. 

X, formerly Twitter user @brianfilms does a great job at reminding everyone just how wild Chopper’s past has been in Rebels. He graciously takes all of the guess work and math of it and provides a quick Google search highlighting Chopper’s war-crimes and genocidal nature. 

Another user, @jake_lime, took a more creative approach once footage of the live-action version of Chopper showed up alongside another Rebels favorite, Hera Syndulla.

We Can’t Wait to See What’s In Store for Everyone’s Favorite War Criminal 

‘Ahsoka’s’ Chopper Isn’t Just Any Droid, He’s a Murderous War Criminal

Credit: Disney/ Canva

As the long-awaited Ahsoka series has officially kicked off, the first two episodes have been full of fun surprises, leaving more questions than answers. However, as Chopper, the war criminal, has already made his debut, sassy as ever, we can’t wait to see how Filoni develops the astromech throughout the series. As we’re certain that Ahsoka’s creator is familiar with the viral inside joke regarding Star War’s most dangerous character, we hope that he’ll continue on with that lore, giving Chopper fans even more reason to claim he’s the best and worst character ever! 

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