Evidence Suggests Anakin Skywalker WILL Return in ‘Ahsoka’ Series on Disney+

Evidence Suggests Anakin Skywalker Will Return in 'Ahsoka' Series on Disney+
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Star Wars fans are thirsty and insatiable in their need for more power. By power, we mean new information that has anything to do with the vast Star Wars galaxy. We prowl the outer rim of the internet, searching for minuscule amounts of information that will guide us to the force. Much like an Inquisitor searching for Jedi, no Star Wars-related information is safe. We will find it, and we will consume anything and everything in our way to get there. In a galaxy not so far away, new content is coming to feed that hunger. However, more than the recent appetizers of news regarding films and shows in production are needed. We need “UNLIMITED POWER” (terrible Emporer Palpatine impression), especially when we desire more from favorite Star Wars characters like Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker.

These two polarizing Jedi have an intertwined story that has brought joy, fear, and tears to our eyes. Ahsoka played an essential role in Anakin’s eventual betrayal and trust in the dark side of the force. You simply cannot have one with the other. Due to this, there is serious fan consideration for Hayden Christensen’s return in the new¬†Ahsoka¬†series scheduled to premiere later this year on Disney+. We believe Christensen will reprise the role once more and possibly be an integral part of the series storyline alongside Rosario Dawson (Ahsoka). There have been several crumbs of information to suggest this and evidence based on previous stories the two characters share. So, let’s dive into these juicy morsels so that you can decide for yourself!

Christensen Reprised the Role of Anakin Rather “Easily” for the Kenobi Series

Credit: LucasFilms/ Disney/ Canva

By this time, it is no secret that Hayden Christensen brought Anakin Skywalker back to live-action in the¬†Obi-Wan Kenobi¬†series. Not only did he return as our favorite “Fly Guy,” but Christensen also gave us a new look at Darth Vader (we’re still crying over those fight scenes). This was the first time Hayden had returned to the Star Wars Universe, as Matt Lanter had previously voiced Anakin in¬†Clone Wars. Christensen stated that the decision to return was an easy one.¬†

In an interview with Variety Christensen was quoted as following. ‚ÄúJust the nature of getting the invitation. ‚ÄúStar Wars‚ÄĚ holds a very special place in my heart. I enjoyed getting to go back to being a fan again and just watching these stories like everyone else. But there was a part of me that missed it, too.” He contiued, “So when I got the call, it was a very easy decision. And the fact that it was the ‚ÄúObi-Wan‚ÄĚ show with Ewan McGregor, who is a good friend of mine, and that I‚Äôd get to swing a lightsaber with him again, it was a thrilling invitation.”

What’s keeping him from coming back again? It would seem that Hayden understands that he now stands cemented and synonymous with the role of Anakin Skywalker. Although Christensen has other credits to his name, none are as valuable as the infamous Jedi. Star Wars fans would surely welcome him back with arms wide open! There’s little reason for him not to return.¬†

Anakin Is a Primary Influence in Ahsoka’s Character Development

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If you have yet to watch¬†Clone Wars¬†or¬†Star Wars: Rebels, you’re probably widely unfamiliar with Ahsoka Tano and her role during the Empire’s rise to power. You’ve probably seen her pop-up in¬†The Mandalorian, but most likely with little appreciation for who she is. Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson,¬†The Mandalorian; Ashley Eckstein,¬†Clone Wars¬†and¬†Rebels), or Snips as her Jedi-Master affectionally knows her, is a central character in much of what is happening behind the scenes leading up to Order 66. She parallels her Master, Anakin Skywalker, in many ways. This isn’t an accident. Ahsoka is a lot like Anakin; she is snippy (hence the nickname) and sometimes very stubborn, but her heart is always in a good place.

Ahsoka is trusted with high-value responsibilities as she grows up and trains under Anakin and the rest of the Jedi Order. Many of these missions and duties are carried out directly under the tutelage of Skywalker. Through the Clone Wars, she grows into a wise and dependable Jedi who love Anakin like her brother. Anakin shares the same sentiments, even though Ahsoka tends to cause headaches when things go sideways, much like he did for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Outside of Padme and his master, Ahsoka is the closest to Anakin, and he trusts her completely. His direction and their relationship are instrumental to both characters’ story arcs. Anakin trusts her to lead Clone Troopers into battle, train rebels against the pirate Hondo Tanaka, and even aid Padawans as they face trials to earn their lightsabers. Through all of this, their relationship grows stronger and fonder, and you can sense their sibling-type love for one another.¬†


POSSIBLE SPOILERS – Upon Order 66, Anakin has made his decision and allowed his fear and anger to overtake him. He becomes Darth Vader. As the films do a stellar job at making us feel sorry for him,¬†Clone Wars¬†does it better. Instead of relying solely on the story of Anakin’s mother and his manipulation by Darth Sidious,¬†Clone Wars¬†lends his mistrust of the Jedi Council (as opposed to his jealousy in the films) as an affirmation of his choice to join the dark side. Although Anakin regularly second-guesses the Jedi Order, his decision is almost made final by their betrayal of Ahsoka Tano. Due to his intense bond with his Padawan, once Anakin learns that Padme will die during childbirth, he loses all faith in the Order and abandons them for unspeakable powers. The Order’s insistence and trial of Ahsoka Tano for a murder she did not commit plays a primary role in his mistrust of the Jedi Masters. Out of everyone on Coruscant, Anakin is the only one who believes Ahsoka to be innocent, and he proves it forcing the Order to drop their charges against her. However, Ahsoka has had enough of their secrets and walks away, ultimately removing another love from Anakin’s life.

After the¬†Clone Wars have ended, Ahsoka teams up with a group of Rebels from Lothal. She frequently makes references back to her old master, displaying her affection for their relationship and his teaching. She mentions him fondly while speaking to Luke Skywalker in¬†The Mandalorian¬†as well. This tells us that her bond with Anakin remains unshaken despite him becoming a Sith Lord. These moments are often shrouded in deep emotion for viewers familiar with the camaraderie of Ahsoka and Anakin. The two characters are intertwined, and it presents well on screen. Combine that with the over-all internet storm that would take place if the two characters met in live-action, and you’ve got the perfect reason for Christensen to return in the Ahsoka¬†series.

Star Wars Fans Go Nuts for Cameos

Credit: LucasFilms/ Disney

For further evidence that bringing Hayden Christensen back to¬†Star Wars¬†would be the right decision, look no further than¬†Obi-Wan Kenobi. Christensen’s reprisal of Darth Vader and Ewan McGregor’s return as Obi-Wan were everything Star Wars fans could dream of. It saved a somewhat goofy storyline. The Kenobi series was good, but only because we got an emotional look and further understanding of Anakin’s death and reincarnation as a Sith Lord. It played well on the emotional relationship between master and student. Accompanied by Obi-Wan’s acceptance that his “friend is truly dead,” there wasn’t a dry eye watching the series on Disney+. The show was mediocre outside of that story (which is why we were all watching). It wouldn’t have worked without Darth Vader or training flashbacks that deepened our respect for the Father and Son type relationship Obi-Wan and Anakin possessed.

Other cameos in Star Wars productions have left a similar impact on fans. Remember the hallway scene of Lord Vader in Rogue One? What about Luke’s own hallway scene in¬†The Mandalorian? Oh, and the plethora of Jedi voices in¬†Rise of Skywalker? Wasn’t there a distinct voice in that scene that fans went nuts for? Oh yeah, it was Anakin’s. Simply put, Star Wars fans love cameos of their favorite characters, and Anakin is undeniably one of Star Wars’ most recognizable and quotable leads. The Tragedy of the Youngest Skywalker resonates with audiences so much, evoking strong emotions of empathy and guilt because we see ourselves in Anakin, as well as the things he couldn’t. For this reason, we’d love for him to return, not just to the Ahsoka series, but to anything they’re willing to put him in!

Rosario Dawson Already Let it Slip?

Evidence Suggests Anakin Skywalker Will Return in 'Ahsoka' Series on Disney+

Credit: Star Wars Holocron/ Lucasfilms/ Canva

Rumors have been everywhere regarding Christensen’s involvement in the production and filming of¬†Ahsoka. Besides the fact that it makes sense for Anakin to return to some significant or minimal role, there was also a tweet by Snips herself! Rosario Dawson sent out a quick blurb via Twitter suggesting that fans are well aware of Christensen’s return. Using the affectionate nickname “Fly Guy,” Dawson says that she will see him soon! As this is a hint to the character’s relationship in Clone Wars, speculating fans had a field day with this, but their guesswork only increased once the tweet was promptly removed. Many believe that Dawson was made to remove the telling information as Star Wars producers try in vain to keep fans in the dark about spoilers and leaks.

It’s also been suggested by other media outlets that Lucasfilm wants fans to forget that Anakin was rumored to make another appearance in the series. But it seems that Snips let the loth-cat out of the bag, and the surprise has been spoiled. Of course, much like Palpatine, we don’t know how Christensen will return. Could he return as Vader? Or as a flashback similar to the Kenobi series? It could be that he makes his return as a force ghost. Maybe even as some sort of transmission, but I’m willing to bet that his appearance in the new series will leave fans begging for more!

Ahsoka debuts on Disney+ August 23rd, 2023.

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