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Splash Mountain Has Been Closed for a Year and You Should Be Excited

splash mountain

Whether you agreed or disagreed with Disney’s controversial decision to close Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, surely you miss the once extremely popular log flume attraction. Closed for a year now at Disney World, the popular ride is undergoing a serious retheme, soon to become Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Although it has been twelve months since the famous ...

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“New Restaurant” at Disney World’s Polynesian Resort Is Turning Heads

"New Restuarant" at the Disney World's Polynesian Resort Is Turning Heads

There are many things that set Walt Disney World apart from other theme parks. Among the magic, you’ll find top-notch customer service, typical clean environments, which are a hallmark of every Disney Park, and great food. Throughout the large landscape of Disney World, dotted with places like Magic Kingdom, the Polynesian Resort, Disney Springs, and EPCOT, you’re sure to find ...

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What I Learned While Visiting Disney World With My Mom

disney world with my mom

I’ve thought long and hard about writing this article. Unlike anything else I’ve written, this reflective, yet hopefully helpful piece, will be based solely on my own personal experience, privilege, and emotion. I hope that, in its entirety, it can help someone like me. Someone with a sick loved one, make a lasting memory that will be treasured and stored ...

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Steamboat Willie Is Now a Serial Killer in New Movie Trailer

streamboat willie mickeys mouse trap

It hasn’t taken long for fans and creatives alike to maximize the freedom of utilizing the newly available intellectual property, Steamboat Willie, better known as Mickey Mouse. On the same day that the world’s most popular rodents became part of the public domain, weird and dark renditions of games and horror film trailers flooded the internet. News of a new ...

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Threats of Death Made as Christians Question Whether Disney Should Use Mohammed in Future Content

walt disney christians koran

Religion is something we typically trend away from when it comes to conversation. Accompanied by politics, the discussions of faith, worship, and theology typically are off the table at family gatherings and amongst friends who don’t share identical beliefs. Disney, founded by a Christian, has typically steered away from religious novelty in their films and shows, outside of mythology-based projects ...

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