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Fans Have Voted: This is Your “Worst Ride at EPCOT”

worst ride at epcot

Ready for a new series? We are, too! We at Disney Dining are dedicated to bringing you the “best of” when it comes to tips and tricks at Walt Disney World. Contrary to our name, this doesn’t always only apply to delicious eats and treats, but if we’re going to bring you the “best,” we’ve also got to cover the ...

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Exclusive Disney Partner, EA, On the Chopping Block with Fans Following Botched Announcement

EA sport football

EA Sports is a leading brand in the world of video games, known for its high-quality sports titles. Whether you’re a fan of football, basketball, soccer, or golf, EA Sports has a game for you. With realistic graphics, engaging gameplay, and a range of features, EA Sports delivers an immersive gaming experience that captivates players around the globe. Most guys ...

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EPCOT Escalator Claims Another Victim

escalator at EPCOT

There are a few things to consider during your Walt Disney World vacation that could pose a threat to you as a guest. Often, amongst the hustle and bustle of Lightning Lane reservations, ‘Drinking Around the World,’ rides, attractions, and fireworks shows, we sometimes forget that even at Walt Disney World, bad things can happen. There’s wildlife to consider, injury ...

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New: Lucasfilm Confirms BIG ‘Star Wars’ Universe Project Currently in Development

ahsoka season 2

Big Star Wars news is dropping today quicker than you can say, “scruffy-looking Nerf herder.” Fresh off the announcement that Disney-owned Lucasfilm is producing a brand-new Mandalorian film, new confirmations suggest other large-scale projects, such as Ashoka Season 2, will continue. So, what does this mean for the ever-expanding galaxy of Earth’s greatest franchise? 2022 and 2023 were banner years ...

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“Universal Tee Shirt Days?” Disney World Becoming More Confusing for Annual Passholders

are reservations too confusing for disney world annual passholders

While Reservations at any of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks are now a thing of the past for day-ticket holders, for Disney World Annual Passholders, things are becoming even more confusing. On January 11, Walt Disney World will include updates to their current reservation system, including what they call “good-to-go” days for their Annual Passholders. Sounds nice, right? Well, ...

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Popular Disney World Food Chain Throws Major Shade at Chic-fil-A

chicken guy!

Fried Chicken wars are nothing new. We’ve seen Popeye’s versus KFC and Popeye’s versus Chic-fil-A go at it as the battle for the best chicken sandwich swells across the United States. Although the sides are drawn clearly, with loyal fanbases claiming their allegiances to their favorite fried chicken vendors, a new competitor has thrown their hat into the ring, and ...

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50’s Prime Time Cafe Reminds Guests That We’re All Getting Really Old

50's Prime Time Cafe Reminds Guests That We're All Getting Really Old

We all visit Walt Disney World for one reason: to fill out nostalgia tanks while we struggle to get through our busy and often stressful adult-working lives. For this reason, certain resonating attractions, shows, and even restaurants at Disney World have become time-honored traditions and must-dos during our Disney vacations. One of these spots, 50’s Prime Time Cafe, capitalizes on ...

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Best and Worst of Disney Live-Action Remakes So Far

Best and Worst of Disney Live-Action Remakes So Far

Disney live-action remakes have become a popular trend in recent years, with the studio bringing classic animated movies to life on the big screen. While some of these remakes have been highly successful, others have received mixed reviews.  Fans of classic Disney storytelling have been critical in their reception of Disney’s slate of live-action remakes, ultimately impacting their usually dominant ...

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Gone Wild: Bad Guest Behavior Highlights Hilarious Thread by Universal Orlando Fans


Universal Orlando Resort is a premier entertainment destination located in Orlando, Florida. It consists of multiple theme parks, hotels, and a vibrant entertainment complex known as CityWalk. At Universal Orlando Resort, guests can experience the magic of Universal Studios Florida, the thrilling rides at Islands of Adventure, and the enchanting world of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. One of ...

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