Buying the New iPhone 15 Could Help Apple Acquire Disney

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I know what you’re thinking. What in the world? How could buying the newest Apple iPhone help Bob Iger decide to sell The Walt Disney Company? Look, before you hang me out to dry, just hear me out.

To cheers from tech junkies everywhere, Apple has finally released their newest iPhone. The iPhone 15 debuted on Friday, September 22, featuring one noticeable change that has some reconsidering their brand loyalty.

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The newest iPhone officially makes the swap from a Lightning port to a USB-C port instead of the typical charging port that Apple fans are accustomed to. Some other noticeable differences include the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Max featuring new battery settings and an upgrade to titanium exteriors.

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The phones are keeping to the iPhone 14’s release in terms of pricing, with a 6.1-inch display at $799 and a 6.7-inch display at $899. Of course, this is before applicable taxes and fees commonly associated with upgrading phones or opening new lines.

What’s More Expensive? The New iPhone or a Trip to Disney World?

Assuming taxes, the newest iPhone will run you a little over a grand. As it seems like everything is getting more and more expensive these days, seeing the price tag stay similar to past releases from Apple is nice; it is also a testament to the health of the company.

On the other hand, The Walt Disney Company, which has found its name closely associated with Apple in the news lately, doesn’t seem to be doing as well. Third-quarter earnings reports suggest that domestic parks in the United States are bleeding, and Disney has also taken a hit regarding their streaming service, Disney+. This has led many to ponder whether Disney would consider offloading some of its businesses or the entire company.

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Unlike Apple, Disney’s response to a rapidly changing economic picture has been to charge more and cut complimentary services like Magical Express. Although this seems good on paper, in reality, Disney has seemingly priced out a large majority of the middle class, who typically take one to two vacations to Walt Disney World every year. Apple, on the other hand, has ensured that its newest iPhone remains equally affordable for those who could purchase the iPhone 14.

A week-long trip to Disney World, off-property, with park-hopping tickets, will run a typical family of four around $3500. Obviously, this is much more expensive than purchasing a new iPhone. As Disney World has seen insurmountable price hikes in combination with what many feel is a decrease in value, the company is feeling the heat in its pockets.

What Can You Do at Disney World for the Price of an iPhone 15?

Let’s assume you aren’t the typical family of four that is always figured into comparative estimates for Disney World. Let’s just say you’re going to the park and have 1000 dollars to spend. Assuming you didn’t buy into the USB-C port hysteria and stuck with your iPhone 13 Max, you’ve got some money to blow and plan on doing it at “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” What could you afford?

Well, for starters, a ton of food! Just about every Disney dining option is available for one person, assuming you can get a reservation. The same goes for alcohol. You could drink yourself silly around the world at EPCOT or even buy the house a few rounds at Oga’s Cantina.

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Of course, when we start talking merchandise, you’re slightly more limited. A grand seems like a lot, but you could quickly burn through that with one trip to The World of Disney store at Disney Springs. Although your buying power is strong, you can still forget that Arribas Bros’ six-figure Cinderella Castle on Main Street, U.S.A.

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With a grand to spend, you’d also increase the luxury of where you lay your head at night. Although some rooms are still way out of your price range, you can finally filter in those moderate and deluxe resort room options on My Disney Experience, but probably just for one night.

Apple to Acquire Disney

Rumors have swirled regarding the potential of Apple acquiring Disney, or more specifically, many Disney-run businesses. Although the Mouse House’s most profitable business, its theme parks, are probably safe from being offloaded, other failing ventures like Disney+ could be part of a massive plan from Disney CEO Bob Iger to turn the financial future of Disney around. It could also happen with the sale of ESPN.

During the third-quarter earnings call, Iger took a specific question regarding the potential sale of Disney businesses. Instead of confronting the speculation front-on, he left the door open for more speculation, making many feel that selling Disney’s properties is a realistic option for the businessman.

Not to Be Outdone by Musk and Zuckerberg, Bob Iger and Tim Cook to Fight for Control of Disney

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Apple, which boasts its own streaming service in Apple TV, seems to also have a better grasp on its audience compared to Disney. Unlike the media juggernaut, Apple has stayed clear of dramatic changes to classic materials, instead focusing more on acquiring existing properties and creating original content for its streaming service. Although Disney has had a similar approach, some of their damage has come from the inclusion of progressive ideology that reads as agenda-filled propaganda by many.

The Reality

Much of the debate regarding Apple’s potential acquisition of Disney came as Needham & Co. analyst Laura Martin has made the contention that Disney could sell to the giant tech company. However, Apple has verbalized that they have zero interest in purchasing an entire studio, making the multi-billion dollar deal all but out of the question.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that if Bob Iger decides to offload any of Disney’s smaller enterprises, Apple would not consider jumping into the ring, especially considering the state and uncertainty around Disney+.

As More Users Cancel The Service, Could Bob Iger Abandon Disney+ Completely?

Credit: Disney and Canva

As Disney stock continues to drop, the consideration for getting rid of smaller businesses is probably still growing in the mind of Iger. As Apple stands sturdy in the market due to the sale of the iPhone 15, they’d be primed to buy out any options that Disney puts up for sale.

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The most significant difference here is that everyone needs a smartphone; no one needs to go to Disney World. As U.S.-based Disney parks suffer post-COVID, adding money-grabbing schemes such as Genie+ has helped ensure Apple’s stock increases. Any guests visiting Disney World need a smartphone to make sure they can do everything; which brand of phone do you think the majority of those thousands of guests are using every day?

This isn’t to say that Disney is responsible for Apple’s success, but the need to stare at a screen during your Disney park day doesn’t hurt. As the world becomes more mobile, it becomes less magical. As we continue to trade in pixie dust for technology, Disney may find itself at the table with Apple one day.


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