With Support From Rachel Zegler, Taylor Swift Could Be Your Next Live-Action Disney Princess

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You may not like Disney’s creative decisions regarding their upcoming live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You may not appreciate their controversial casting of the relatively unknown Rachel Zegler, but like most of the world, you’re probably a fan of Taylor Swift.

Swift, who has no immediate ties to Disney, is a household name in music and entertainment. Honestly, it’s surprising that her name hasn’t been tossed around with the likes of Zegler in the slew of Disney live-action remakes making their way to theatres in the coming years. She does have a few onscreen credits, after all.

Taylor Swift: America’s Sweetheart

Both strong female personalities have dominated headlines for separate reasons over the past years. As Taylor Swift carries on with her record-shattering “Eras Tour” and newly-kindled relationship with NFL tight-end Travis Kelce, America’s sweetheart continues her award-winning domination within her industry.

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Since the beginning of her musical career almost two decades ago, Taylor Swift has put together a string of success making the plunge from country music to pop-culture icon, standing with the likes of Beyonce as most notable within American-generated music.

Rachel Zelger: America’s Punching Bag

On the other hand, Rachel Zegler has found her name in headlines for less than stellar reasons. Fueled by shoddy perception over Disney’s soon-to-be massacre of Walt Disney’s classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Zegler has found herself in the crosshairs due to disconnected comments regarding the SAG-AFTRA strikes and her strongly worded feminist approach to the role of Snow White.

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Zelger, unlike Swift, finds her podium met with constant opposition from Disney loyalists, who aren’t ready to see a Latina take on the role of Snow White, as traditionally the character (hence her name) has skin “as white as snow.” The West Side Story actress has found herself the topic of many conversations regarding boisterous comments dictating how she plans to approach Snow White, upsetting Disney fans, and leaving many hoping that she will find herself fired from the film.

 Zegler’s Career Versus Talyor Swift

Rachel Zegler is relatively new to Hollywood, while Taylor Swift has been around for a while, dominating charts with albums that seem to always fly up the charts. Zelger,also an accomplished vocalist, only has a few roles credited to her name, most notable being the Steven Spielberg project West Side Story and Shazam! Fury of the Gods where she starred alongside Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu.

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Despite her absence from big-name projects, Zelger acquired the role of the upcoming live-action Disney remake Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, along with Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen. She also plays the lead female role in the Hunger Games prequel Ballad of Songs & Snakes, which releases later this year.

Despite her upcoming roles, Zegler’s career isn’t comparable to Taylor Swift’s. Of course, the two are prominent in different mediums, although Swift has appeared in a few films, including 2010’s Valentine’s Day and The Lorax (2012). However, the two do have a very large social media presence, using multiple platforms to push roles, music, and women-led agendas.

Rachel Zegler and Taylor Swift: Two Strong, Independent Women

Although you’ll most likely find Swift writing songs about past loves, she’s strongly advocated for women everywhere. Rachel Zegler shares these sentiments, insisting on loudly expressing her pro-woman agenda to anyone who listens.

Both celebrities deeply desire to form a lasting impact on the women’s empowerment movement. Promoting body-positive messages, career advancement, and independence for women has become a focal point for both. However, as most support Swift in her endeavors, Zegler’s approach has left the internet divided in her likability and desire to effect change.

Taylor Swift Disney+

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Despite their difference in success and public perception, both demand the respect of those around them and deservedly so. Because of this, as a Barstool Sports frontman for one of their Kansas City area podcasts recently made an extremely inappropriate comment regarding the need of private types including Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, Rachel Zegler was quick to come to her defense.

According to the inappropriate comment was made by a podcast host of the popular Barstool Sports, who aren’t known for being progressive in their thoughts and actions. Before Swfit made an appearance to support her now boyfriend Travis Kelce, many wanted clarification that the dating rumors surrounding the superstar were legit. One host commented that a particular type of tape would prove the dating rumors true once and for all. Rachel Zegler, who’s a well-known outspoken presence on social media, wasted no time in responding to the ultimately cringy comments. 

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It’s not news that the media is particularly (and unwarrantedly) cruel to Taylor Swift, but the way men feel entitled to speak about women, their bodies, and their sex lives needs to be seriously evaluated,” Zegler wrote in response to the Barstool video.

You will never see people speaking this way about a man,” Zegler continued in her response to the video. “That goes for a lot of different scenarios. We do not pick apart men’s attitudes and relationships the way we do women’s. And it’s not always just men who speak this way about us. Women can and do, too. It sucks. Leave Taylor Swift alone!

Science suggests Disney's live-action remake of 'Snow White' will be a massive failure

Credit: Instagram/Rachel Zegler & Disney

Unlike Swift, Rachel Zegler doesn’t maintain massive support from online followers, leading to many suggesting that the controversial actress should learn to take a joke. Zegler, not one to back down, made sure they heard her loud and clear as well. 

Seeing a lot of ‘it’s a joke’ but you’ve got to understand that since the beginning of time ‘you can’t take a joke’ has been synonymous with ‘let me say a horrible thing about women without suffering the consequences,’” she explained. “We’re sick and tired! It’s never been funny! Get a life!

Like Rachel Zegler: Could Swift Ever Work in a Live-Action Remake

Although this interaction from Rachel Zegler has zero bearing on what Taylor Swift and Disney decide to do in the future, it is a fun notion to discuss as Swift has a strong fanbase full of devoted followers who could help Disney out of their box-office slump.

As a matter of fact, Disney has worked with Swift before, creating a special concert film for Disney+ entitled Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions. The potential of Swift starring in a future Disney live-action film looks ridiculous from the outside. Still, it would certainly draw crowds as the singer’s perception of the public is much more facilitating to success when compared to Rachel Zegler, who is also a noted singer.

disney and taylor swift mcu deadpool 3 disney movie walt disney company Taylor swift fan rumors tickets ryan reynolds blake lively

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The current defense of Swift online shows that Zegler is willing to advocate for the Grammy-award-winning singer, so maybe she could nudge Disney in the right direction, and we could see Swift take on the role of Rapunzel, Aurora, or even Cinderella in a new Sleeping Beauty remake.

What do you think? Could Taylor Swift ever make her way to Disney? Would you rather her play Snow white compared to Rachel Zelger? 

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