Disney Abandons ‘Snow White’, Major Backlash Toward Film

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs have been in the lime light lately, causing a stir. Fans are outraged over the issues with the live-action Snow White.

The most recent controversy surrounds the live-action Snow White film starring Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot. Two key issues have sparked outrage among fans. First, the film features seven magical creatures instead of the traditional dwarfs, deviating from Walt Disney’s original story. Second, in an interview, Zegler and Gadot mentioned that Snow White would not have a prince charming to rescue her, portraying her as a more assertive character, making many fans wonder if Disney will have any semblance of familiarity in the story.

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These changes led some fans to accuse Disney of deviating too far from the traditional storyline and promoting a “woke” agenda, and of course, social media users have criticized Zegler’s comments about Snow White and the film’s plot.

This backlash has fueled rumors of the movie’s cancellation. The overwhelmingly negative response to the film suggests that releasing it in theaters could lead to further controversy. While pulling the Snow White movie would result in a significant financial loss, it might protect Disney’s reputation.

Satire website Mouse Trap News reported that Disney canceled the film due to controversies and financial struggles, stating that Disney’s shift toward progressivism alienated its core audience. Though this was satire and not a true report, thousands of fans fell for the story. Multiple outlets reported that the film was canceled and that Disney had decided to move on from the Rachel Zelger-led story.

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To clarify, though, Walt Disney Company has not canceled the live-action Snow White film. The rumors were not grounded in reality. The film is still in development, and its release is pending further updates from Disney. Disney plans to release Snow White Live Action on March 22, 2024, but that may be delayed due to the ongoing strikes happening in Hollywood.

Lion King, Aladin, Beauty and Beast, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp, Cruella ( From 100 Dalmations), Jungle Book, and soon will be Moana are some of the films Disney has remade into live-action films. Each film has received backlash, but some have succeeded at the box office, particularly The Lion King (2019), which saw major theatrical success.

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Which Disney live-action film do you think will be made next? Multiple rumors have indicated that we could see numerous animated films be made into live-action movies, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

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