Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Is Already on Its Way to Theatres

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Is Already on Its Way to Theatres
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It’s been 30 years since Henry Selick’s masterpiece featuring the king of Halloween, Jack Skellington, made its way to theatres. Little did he or Disney know then that their stop-motion animated film,¬†The Nightmare Before Christmas, would become synonymous with Halloween and its December counterpart, creating a magical world that would infiltrate its way into Disney theme parks and American culture.

As rumors swirl concerning a live-action remake of the 1993 featuring none other than Johnny Depp, Tim Burton’s¬†The Nightmare Before Christmas¬†is already making its way back to theatres. Fans of the Tim Burton film can start getting excited as they get another chance to experience Jack Skellington and Halloween town again on the big screen, but this go around is for a limited time only.

‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Has Earned a Loyal Following Over 30 Years

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Starring unforgettable characters who are now forged deep within Disney lore, like Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie, The Nightmare Before Christmas is an exemplary feat of visual flawlessness, woven together to a beautifully composed soundtrack by famed composer Danny Elfman.

Since its introduction at the 1993 New York Film Festival,¬†Nightmare Before Christmas has incorporated a cult-like following of fans who appreciate the difficult median of stop-motion animation. Jack Skellington, voiced by Chris Sarandon, alongside Sally (Catherin O’Hara), has become a massive favorite, especially around holidays like Halloween.

Nightmare Before Christmas

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The magical film takes viewers on a wild ride alongside Jack as he accidentally enters the land of Christmas town after feeling empty with his typical Halloween exploits. After catching a quick glimpse of Santa Claus and what the festive holiday has to offer, Jack Skellington takes it upon himself to bring Christmas to the town of Halloween.

Sarandon and O’Hara are joined by several other voice talents, including Ken Page as Oogie Boogie and Paul Ruebes as Lock, and as Jack attempts to bring Christmas to home, shennanigans ensue in the typical Tim Burton style. Not to worry, eventually Jack learns that what he was missing was right in front of him the entire time, Sally.

Disney to Commemorate 30 Years of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’

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In celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary, Disney is pulling out all the stops to commemorate decades of visits to Halloween town alongside Jack Skellington. Per Business Wire, the dark animated fantasy will be returning to theatres starting on October 20 in movie venues across the United States and Canada. Fans will have another chance to ring in the holidays alongside the pumpkin king as he attempts to bring the culture of Christmas town to his home of Halloween.

Disney will also be showing a 4D version of the film at the El Capitan Theatres in Hollywood, complete with special event souvenirs and concessions. As the fan-favorite film has already earned itself an entire overlay and Halloween party theme at Disneyland Resort, this is a completely fresh way Disney plans to commemorate 30 years of Halloween with Jack Skellington and crew.

Live-Action ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’

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The internet has been abuzz regarding the possibility of a live-action remake of Tim Burton’s¬†Nightmare Before Christmas. Although there’s no official word from Disney, many insist that there’s actually a film in the works. However, Disney Fanatic pointed out that much of the consideration is actually coming from a satirical post made by Inside the Magic on April 1.¬†

Rumors have run rampant with speculation that Johnny Depp, who has worked with Tim Burton for much of his career, would appear in the live-action remake. However, this is highly unlikely as Depp is still reeling from personal issues that led to a falling out with Disney. Basically, there isn’t a new remake of The Nightmare Before Christmas¬†in the works. But if there is, we’ll let you know immediately, so stay tuned!¬†


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