Jason Momoa Reportedly Tortured Amber Heard on Set Dressed as Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been all the rage since their infamous defamation trial last year. The world hunkered down to watch the odd and uncomfortable look into the lives of the once-married superstars, only to be treated to more of the seemingly difficult-to-hear case material a year later in Netflix’s Depp V Heard docuseries.

Since ultimately winning the trial with his ex-wife, most of Johnny Depp’s appearances in the news haven’t been for positive reasons. Seen at the Cannes Film Festival using a cane after a fall that reportedly injured the¬†Pirates of the Caribbean¬†actor’s ankle, rumors ran rampant as some close to Depp suggested that he was having issues with alcohol again. This was only exacerbated once the¬†Blow¬†actor was found supposedly passed out in a Hungarian hotel room.

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Johnny Depp’s On-Again, Off-Again Return to Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp is easily most recognized by Disney fans as Captain Jack Sparrow. The sensational maritime heartthrob set theatres on fire when the first Pirates of the Caribbean film erupted to much fanfare in 2003. Since then, Depp has reprised the role four more times in follow-ups to the highly successful seafaring adventure movie. Simply put, people adore Jack Sparrow.

Once ex-wife Amber Heard made public allegations against the¬†What’s Eating Gilbert Grap actor, including severe and serious abuse both in physical and sexual nature, Depp found himself abruptly fired not just by Disney but also by Warner Bros. As fans waited for a sixth¬†Pirates of the Caribbean¬†film, Johnny Depp had been working with Warner Bros as Grindelwald in their¬†Wizarding World of Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts¬†franchise alongside Eddie Redmayne.

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Johnny Depp went from being one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood to being unemployed seemingly overnight, leading to a countersuit against Amber Heard for damages caused to his reputation. However, despite the graphic details in which the Aquaman actress detailed the alleged abuse by Johnny Depp, fans of the Alice in Wonderland star sided almost exclusively with Depp.

Since then, rumors have swirled, suggesting that Depp may or may not return to work with Disney. Although he publicly acknowledged that he was not interested in returning to the media giant during the hearing, some close to the Finding Neverland star have suggested that he may return to a Disney-owned production if the script is right. 

Friends Rally Around Depp

Since the closure of his court case, Depp has spent the majority of his time with family, such as his daughter Lily Rose Depp, and working with his musical act, the Hollywood Vampires alongside Alice Cooper. Last seen publically at the Cannes Film Festival, the Academy Award winner has been reclusive, and much of the information regarding what is currently going on with the once-high-profile actor is second-hand.

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In fact, much of Depp’s time has been spent relaxing, escaping the spotlight on his private island in the Bahamas, keeping him out of the public eye. However, that doesn’t mean those closest to him don’t have anything to say. Famous friends of the¬†Charlie and the Chocolate Factory¬†actor have been very vocal in support of Depp after the case, many suggesting that Heard’s accusations were nothing more than a witch hunt or grab at 15 minutes of fame.

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Tim Burton, who has worked closely with Depp in the past, has been very vocal about the accusations made towards his long-time friend.¬†The Nightmare Before Christmas creator blatantly stated that he not only believed that much of what was portrayed about Johnny Depp in the trial was a farce but he’s also hinted at working with Mr. Depp on future projects, leading many to believe that the former Captain Jack Sparrow, may pop-up in a live-action remake as Jack Skellington or alongside Winona Ryder and Jenna Ortega in¬†Beetlejuice 2.

Jason Momoa and Johnny Depp are Rumored to be Long-time Buddies

Depp isn’t the only heartthrob in Hollywood these days. Another name that is reportedly close to Depp that has garnered a lot of attention is Jason Momoa. Cast initially as Khal Drogo in HBO’s¬†Game of Thrones, Momoa’s exotic good looks made him an instant hit, ultimately leading to his casting in DC’s Aquaman. Since then, Momoa has enjoyed a solid career, popping up in¬†Dune¬†and the¬†Fast & the Furious¬†franchise.

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Interestingly, Jason Momoa’s role as Aquaman in the DC superhero epic also featured a unique connection to Johnny Depp. His love interest in the original film is played by none other than Amber Heard. As it is suggested that the¬†Slumberland¬†actor has been close to Depp long before meeting Heard, given Momoa’s prankish personality, things on the set of¬†Aquaman¬†and¬†Aquaman 2¬†seem to have been very interesting.

‘Aquaman 2’ Didn’t Want Heard to Return

As the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got into the hideous details of what she claims went on in their relationship, public opinion started to sway in favor of Depp. This led many to call for Heard’s upcoming reprisal of Mera in¬†Aquaman 2¬†to be canceled. If rumors are to be believed, it seems that Momoa and director James Wan were happy to accommodate, with many entertainment sites claiming they attempted to scrub Heard entirely from the film, diminishing her on-screen time.

Despite where you stand in the verdict in Depp versus Heard, Momoa seems to have remained loyal to the former Jack Sparrow actor, taking things further by making life miserable on set for Heard. As his initial attempts were rumored to circle around wanting Heard completely replaced from the film, when this didn’t happen, Momoa reportedly took matters into his own hands.

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According to We Got This Covered, a recent Reddit post that leaked notes from Heard’s psychologist, Dr. Dawn Hughes, provided a deep look into what her life was like working alongside Momoa post-trial. The notes suggest that both Momoa and Wan wanted Heard replaced, ultimately removed from the role. Although that didn’t happen, the note also claims that Momoa made life on set “torture” for Heard as he often dressed as Johnny Depp to get a rise from the actress.

According to Marca, the physician’s notes were leaked after being unsealed as part of the court proceedings in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial with Heard, but they have yet to be confirmed or officially sourced. In fact, it’s difficult to even find the original postings that suggest the note is legitimate, and the timelines between working with Momoa and Wan and the trial seem off.

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Johnny Depp is Moving On, What Comes Next?

Although fame has finally caught up with Mr. Depp, his much-needed hiatus from Hollywood is something he hopes aids in his ultimate recovery from a couple of difficult years. Even though the actor has been out of the spotlight since his cane-assisted appearance at the Cannes Music Festival months ago, stories related to the actor remain in popular demand across the internet. Everyone wants to know what’s next for Depp.

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Rumors would have you believe that the Edward Scissorhands actor may be in talks with Disney about returning to Pirates of the Caribbean 6¬†or that he will take the lead in a live-action role of Jack Skellington in¬†The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, nothing is official, and some of the jargon surrounding the famed actor’s name is simply a hoax, as an Inside the Magic post suggests he’d return to the Tim Burton production on April 1 (April Fool’s Day.)¬† The truth is, Depp has yet to agree to any future projects with Burton, Disney, or Warner Bros – only time will tell if we ever get to see him take to the seas again. Until then, we can always enjoy our favorite pirate captain as the face of Dior Sauvage instead.

Fans of Johnny Depp can get excited, however, as the former boyfriend of Kate Moss has made his way back to the screen. Most recently, Depp played the role of Louis XV in¬†Jeanne du Barry¬†alongside Pierre Richard and Ma√Įwenn. Even though the film isn’t considered A+ work by those who’ve reviewed it, it’s nice to see Depp back in front of a camera, especially considering one of his most famous roles, Willie Wonka, has been recast to a younger, fresher Hollywood name.

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