Pics: Johnny Depp Is Back at Disney in a Very Interesting Way

Johnny Depp Is Back at Disney in a Very Interesting Way
Credit: Mashable.com/Canva

Recently, we showed our readers an exclusive look at Jack Black, reimagined as different Disney Princesses by artificial intelligence. As the creative world struggles with the thought of computer-based technology putting artists out of work, users have once again put AI to the test, reimagining the great Johnny Depp as some of your favorite Disney characters.

The Johnny Depp We RememberĀ 

Most news surrounding the onceĀ Pirates of the CaribbeanĀ front-man surrounds his unlikely return to Disney as Captain Jack Sparrow. Famously, Depp was released by Disney and Warner Bros after nasty accusations came to light via his ex-wife Amber Heard in an expose theĀ Aquaman actress released after their divorce. Things became tough for the Hollywood Vampires guitarist, ultimately leading up to a very public and dramatic court proceeding against Amber Heard that would captivate the world.

Johnny Depp Dead? Death Hoax Goes Viral After Hotel Room Scare

Credit: Disney/ Canva

Since the infamous case with Amber Heard, Depp has mostly kept to himself, outside of a few public appearances with his all-star band, the Hollywood Vampires, and a few news worthy stories regarding his health. There has been constant speculation on whether Johnny Depp will or won’t return to Pirates of the Caribbean as Jack Sparrow one day. Outside of speculation, he’s been rather seclusive.

TheĀ Edward ScissorhandsĀ star has seen his name mentioned in consideration for future Disney projects involvingĀ Pirates, as well as rejoining famed director Tim Burton for a live-action version ofĀ The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, Johnny Depp has not publicly made any former affirmation towards a return to either. Both are probably false and unlikely.

As the court case against Amber Heard is now over, finalized in the eyes of the public by the Netflix docuseries Depp V. Heard, Depp’s film future remains in question. The secluded ex-boyfriend of Kate Moss has done little to indicate a return to film anytime in the future, instead focusing on his health and music.

ā€˜Pirates of the Caribbeanā€™ Co-star Has a Strong Opinion About Johnny Deppā€™s Return as Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney

That doesn’t mean that Johnny Depp isn’t still a large grab for the media. Just about anything published with the Academy Award-winning star’s name performs well enough to ensure the once-Willy Wonka stays in the eyes of the public.

The Depp We Need Thanks to AI

Although Depp has been quiet, recent images have surfaced that show the actor in a brand-new light, reimagined to fit right back in at Disney. That’s right, we’re talking about another artificial intelligence project that features the Fantastic BeastsĀ star as various Disney personalities, and it is an internet gold-mine!

Website Mashable.com has recreated the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow actor as various members of Disney royalty. If you don’t like the idea of Rachel Zegler playing Snow White in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake, no worries, Johnny Depp has the role covered.

Snow White reimagined

Credit: Mashable.com/ Disney

Better yet, as Disney is on a roll with their live-action remakes, it would seem that Pixar Princess Merida should be on deck. The Finding Neverland star makes for a perfect Scottish Princess, doesn’t he?

Johnny Depp Is Back at Disney in a Very Interesting Way

Credit: Mashable.com/ Disney

Of course, if Disney wanted to do one last remake of other princesses, look no further than Elsa from Frozen. Or Depp could reprise the role of Belle or Rapunzel even!

AI Disney Princesses

Credit: Mashable.com/ Canva

We completely understand that the last thing you thought you’d see today was Johnny Depp, reimagined by AI as various Disney Princesses. To be honest, we didn’t think we’d see it either. But if we have to see it, so do you! Despite the notable concerns regarding artificial intelligence in Hollywood, voiced by popular creatives like Tim Burton, it’s nice to see a different, light-hearted use for the program.

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