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Here’s Why Disney WANTS You to Pay Less for Disney+

Disney+ price hike

Disney just raised the price of their streaming service Disney+ by 27%. That makes the statement that Disney actually WANTS you to pay less for the service seem a little silly, but before you dismiss it outright, hear me out. It actually makes complete sense.   Last year, Disney+ split its subscription service into different tiers. You could pay more and ...

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Disney Won’t Let DeSantis Get Away Scot Free

Ron DeSantis Disney feud woke disney world

Ron DeSantis may be moving on from his feud with Disney, but Disney isn’t. The entertainment giant has no plans to let the Governor of Florida off so gently. In fact, they just doubled down on the fight. Gov. DeSantis felt the fight had gone on long enough and called for an end to the squabble recently, saying he has ...

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Duffy is BACK and Better than Ever

Duffy the disney bear mickey mouse clubhouse

Duffy, Mickey’s most cuddly companion, is back! It’s been 8 years since we last saw Duffy in the United States, and, for many, Mickey’s lovable teddy bear had faded into memory. That all changes soon, though, because he’s returning in an all-new way and will be bigger than ever thanks to his new gig.  Duffy the Disney Bear  Duffy the ...

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Famous Orca Dies Suddenly at a Florida Marine Park Before Release

Lolita dies tiko dies

Orcas, commonly known as Killer Whales in captivity, have been the subject of intense scrutiny in recent years. Spurred by the documentary Blackfish, what was once seen as engaging entertainment is now seen as cruel and inhumane. Activist groups like PETA have long since campaigned to end the practice of Killer Whale captivity. Marine Parks, like SeaWorld and the Miami ...

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Major Hurricane Heading for…DISNEYLAND!?!?

It’s hurricane season and that means we’re watching Florida closely for weather that could impact your upcoming vacation. So far the Atlantic hurricane season has been relatively calm. It’s not just Florida that’s a risk during hurricane season though. It’s also hurricane season in the Pacific. The national hurricane center is currently tracking a storm en route to California. Hurricane ...

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The Truth Behind the Ghost Town at Disney World

Crowds are a part of life at Walt Disney World. Long lines and a sea of people have become synonymous with the Parks. The Magic Kingdom is the number one most visited theme park in the world so naturally, it’s wise to expect crowds. However, it was the lack of crowds ay Disney World that made news recently.  Reports sprung ...

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UPDATE: Iconic Disney Ride is Returning Soon

Space Mountain

No one likes it when their favorite ride is closed. A Disney trip doesn’t feel like a Disney trip without a ride on certain attractions. For me, it’s “it’s a small world.” For my son, it’s The Haunted Mansion, but for my husband, a trip is incomplete without riding Space Mountain…at least once. Space Mountain is an iconic Disney attraction ...

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