Walt Would Be Proud of Disney’s Newest Popcorn Bucket

Disneyland Railroad popcorn bucket
Credit: Disney

Disneyland ParkAll aboard! Disney has a new popcorn bucket that would make Walt proud. Walt Disney was known for his love of trains. He loved them so much that he even had a miniature gauge railroad, the Carolwood Express, installed in his backyard! So, when Disneyland was being built, naturally, one of the first rides Walt wanted in his theme park was a train.

Carolwood pacific

Credit: Disney Archives

The Disneyland Railroad is one of the few remaining original attractions left from Disneyland’s opening day. Due to Walt’s love of them, the railroad is probably the only ride in the whole park that is considered sacrosanct and will never be replaced. Each of the engines is named after the founders of the Santa Fe Railway!

Disneyland Railroad popcorn bucket

Credit: Disney

To honor its history and Disney’s beloved founder during the Disney100 celebration, Disney has released a limited-edition  Disneyland Railroad popcorn bucket. This may be one of the most unique popcorn buckets Disney has ever come up with. Not only is it a handy snack transport, but it doubles as a toy! The wheels on it really roll, and the steam stack comes off to become a train whistle! That makes it the perfect gift for the train lover in your life (because we’ve all got one)!

Disneyland Railroad popcorn bucket


This super cute popcorn bucket is only available for a limited time, and we do expect it to sell out. Currently, it’s only available at Disneyland, not Walt Disney World. This news is bound to delight Disneyland regulars, many of whom often complain that Disney World always gets the good merch! Unlike other specialty merch, you won’t have to cram yourself into an hours-long line to get the Disneyland Railroad popcorn bucket- it’s available at multiple popcorn carts around Disneyland Park. Want to get your hands on one? They hit shelves on July 26, 2023!

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