Ingenious Ways People Have Repurposed Disney Popcorn Buckets

disney popcorn bucket disney world kittens sit in buckets planter flowers collection
Credit: Rebecca Chavez, Sarah Headley/Facebook

Refillable popcorn buckets from Disney theme parks are getting cuter and cuter by the day, and many fans happily add to their collection every trip. However, these Disney popcorn buckets can take up a lot of space in your house, so avid collectors came up with some pretty ingenious ways to give the souvenirs another function while still being on display. Check out some functional, decorative, and just fun ideas for what to do with your popcorn bucket in your home!

Popcorn Buckets Make Great Lounges for Baby Pets

disney popcorn bucket disney world kittens sit in buckets

Credit: A New Hope Confections, Sarah Headley/Facebook

I’m going to start here because this is purrr-haps the most adorable thing you’ll see all day. Apparently, kittens are big fans of the Cinderella Carriage popcorn bucket…even without the popcorn! Once you clean it, leave it out as a luxurious piece of furniture for your little fur prince or princess. I have heard that “if they fits, they sits.” Now it will be interesting to see how long they can force themselves to fit…

Use the Popcorn Bucket as a Planter

disney world cinderella carriage popcorn bucket planter at home fake flowers

Credit: Rebecca Chavez/ Facebook

Probably the most popular and functional idea for your home is to use the Disney popcorn bucket as a planter! Either fill it with soil or use it as a vase depending on the shape. The popcorn bucket will seamlessly become part of your home decor while still paying respect to your collection! Don’t do plants? No worries, fake flowers will have the same effect without the labor!

Keep this in mind for the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse kitchen sinks that come with the ginormous Disney dessert. They also make good planters and very sweet home decor.

mickey mouse minnie mouse kitchen sink dessert disney world planters at home

Credit: Christine Anderson/ Facebook

Could Your Bucket Make a Pair of Skates?

Now this last one may not be your style, but apparently, you can make your popcorn buckets into skates and have a ball! It seems like only the Cinderella Carriage-style popcorn buckets will work for this one. But if you have one Carriage and one Pumbaa popcorn bucket (and a safe place to land), why not go for it?! That being said, the popcorn buckets can be really fun toys for your kids – if your collection is more casual and you don’t mind them getting worn.

Once you’ve enjoyed your popcorn and all your free refills at the theme park, get excited to come home, clean them out, and give them a whole new purpose!

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