NEW Disney100 Popcorn Bucket Is Nicer Than Most Cars

Disney100 Cinderella Coach Popcorn Bucket

Popcorn is probably the least exciting food to buy at Disney Parks. Sure, it’s a classic and always a reliable treat, but with the abundance of Disney-themed treats, popcorn sometimes pales in comparison. The ever-imaginative designers at Disney found a profitable way to circumvent the potential food boredom by creating the most beautiful popcorn bucket known to man.

Feast your eyes on the Cinderella Premium Bucket.

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Cinderella Premium Popcorn bucket Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Disney100


Popcorn Bucket Details that make the Disney100 Design Exclusive

This popcorn bucket looks more like a home decor figurine than a Disney popcorn bucket. It depicts Cinderella riding in her royal carriage in her beautiful white wedding gown. She peaks out from the carriage window behind platinum curtains. The round cabin of the Cinderella Carriage Popcorn Bucket is completely platinum, with carriage detailing. Be careful, your reflection in the shiny surface may remind you how unworthy you are of this popcorn bucket.

The bottom is fitted with four royal purple wheels that extend out from the cabin, and are almost as large as the pumpkin-shaped cabin itself. The very top of the platinum carriage comes off, holding your delicious popcorn inside. There is a long white lanyard strap branded with “100 Years of Wonder” to commemorate Disney’s big anniversary.

Original 2015 Cinderella Premium Popcorn Bucket

Disney Parks

This Disney100 bucket is an upgraded design of a previous Cinderella Premium Bucket released to the Parks in 2015. Check out the colorful original above.

The popcorn bucket is already available at Disneyland Resort in California, where the Disney100 celebrations are based. Fans of popcorn and buckets alike can look forward to the Disney100 Cinderella Carriage Popcorn Bucket rolling into Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom later this year.

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Disney100 Onscreen logo Cinderella castle


The refillable popcorn bucket is an instant collector’s item featuring Disney World’s central Disney Princess. It should cost about $29.99 before tax. Disney100 merchandise offers plenty of other platinum and purple collectibles to match the celebratory color scheme.

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