‘Disney Karen’ Couldn’t Kill the Magic for This Toddler

Disney karen
Credit: Disney, TikTok/ @kathleenenderson

Character meet and greets are often one of the most memorable parts of a Disney vacation, especially for little ones. Who doesn’t love to see their favorite character and ask them questions and interact, and just get lost in the story? Most people cannot help but have their heartstrings tugged when they see a child’s face light up with joy at the sight of their favorite character. Most…but not all.

Disney Karen is unmoved by this display of pure wonder. Anytime there’s a bit of pure Disney Magic, you can rest assured Disney Karen will be there to kill it– or at least try. Recently, she gave it her all but ultimately fell short, thanks to the kind heart of a Cast Member. Thanks to Disney Karen and a magical Cast Member, one Toy-Story-loving toddler found themselves right in the middle of a bonafide good vs. evil fairytale.

Disney karen

Credit: TikTok/@kathleenenderson

It all began when Tobias was at Disney’s Hollywood Studios not long ago with his mother, Kat, who shared the experience on Tiktok. She said that her son is a super inquisitive, shy child who loves puzzles and wants to know how everything works. When he met Buzz Lightyear, he was positively star-struck. While at first, he was too shy to address Buzz directly, he warmed up to the Space Ranger and began asking him a ton of questions. Everything was going perfectly until Disney Karen butted in, as she always does.

Disney Karen buzz lightyear

Credit: Inside the Magic

“Just take the picture and go,” she said. Unperturbed, the boy kept asking his questions. The more questions he asked, the angrier Disney Karen became. She kept trying to rush him through the interaction and speed it up to get to her turn. She kept saying things like, ” ok, time to take your photo,” “This is a photo thing,” and “You should be taking a photo now,” as well as attempting to direct him on where to stand and have his photo taken. When the 3-year-old was done meeting his hero and took the picture, Kat shared that Disney Karen began impatiently clapping in a “get it over with” sort of way!

DISNEY karen

Credit: TikTok

After the meet and greet was over, Tobias wanted to sit and watch Buzz for a bit. When Disney Katen got her turn, she approached the character, got her picture taken, and moved on, but not before shaming the toddler. She walked directly up to the 3-year-old and said, “That’s how it’s done. That’s how you should be doing this.” Kat tried to help her child understand that what Disney Karen had said wasn’t nice and took him on Toy Story Midway Mania. After the ride, Tobias and his mom got a surprise they certainly did not see coming, thanks to the fairy-Cast-Member, Alana, in this tale.

This Cast Member, who Kat identified as the Entertainment Coordinator, overheard the interaction and apologized for Disney Karen’s behavior, but she didn’t stop there! She asked Tobias if he had met Woody and Jessie yet. He said he hadn’t and was whisked off to meet them in a one-on-one setting where he could ask them all the questions he wanted! They had a fantastic interaction, and Kat said by this point, Tobias was feeling better about the Buzz situation. They thanked the characters and the Entertainment coordinator and started to leave, but our fairy-Cast-Member wasn’t done making magic just yet!

Edna Mode

Credit: DisneyDining.com

She took them over to the newly-reopened Pixar Place and walked the lair straight into the character meet and greets there. They met Frozone, Sully, and Edna Mode. Tobias called Edna Mode “Auntie Edna.” Kat said Alana was super patient and facilitated all of the interactions, and interpreted answers for the characters for every question Tobias asked. She ended the video by saying the whole experience was just amazing and that Tobias had a fantastic time. We just love a good happy ending!

In the caption of her video, Kat said, “The moral of this story is “Don’t ruin experiences for others and try to be more like Alana.” You can check out the whole video here.

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