Walt Disney Company Keeping “PR Nightmare” ‘Snow White’ Actress Hidden at All Costs

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Despite an overwhelming amount of negative feedback, the Walt Disney Company is still insisting on releasing live-action remakes of its own classic films.

These live-action remakes are an excellent opportunity for the Walt Disney Company to take a beloved classic that hasn’t aged particularly well and modernize it, revitalizing newer generations’ interest in outdated movies.

It’s also an opportunity to reimagine these classics with the changes being made. But sometimes, the changes go too far.

Upcoming Snow White Going Too Far With Woke Changes?

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The upcoming Snow White (2024) film is reportedly making some changes that are so outlandish that it’s starting to look unrecognizable when compared to the original film. This is upsetting, not only to Disney fans who prefer the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) movie but to fans of animation history.

After all, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs wasn’t just Walt Disney Pictures history; it was also movie history. The original film is the first full-length traditionally animated feature film ever. It didn’t just pave the way for the Walt Disney Pictures we know and love today; it also paved the way for animation as a genre.

To make matters even worse, the lead actress playing the titular Snow White (Rachel Zegler) seems to have the same level of respect for the original film as the remake’s writers…which is to say very little.

Does the Snow White Actress Even Like the Original Movie? The Answer Is a Definite NO!

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Credit: Disney, Rachel Zegler on Twitter/X, Canva

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The complete list of controversies surrounding the upcoming live-action Snow White movie can be found here. But for a brief recap: Rachel Zegler has stated that “it’s no longer 1937” and that the live-action Snow White isn’t “going to be saved by the prince. And she’s not going to be dreaming about true love. She’s dreaming about becoming the leader she knows she can be.” She’s also mocked the source material by describing Prince Charming as “a guy who literally stalks [Snow White].”

Due to these statements, Zegler has been labeled a “PR nightmare,” and we can see why. The Walt Disney Company seems to be trying to keep her totally hidden, as we haven’t seen any interviews regarding Snow White since the controversies surfaced.

But that’s not the only thing Disney is trying to keep hidden…

Walt Disney Company Is DESPERATELY Trying to Keep Her Hidden!

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Credit: ABC, Disney, Canva

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Recently, some photos of upcoming Snow White toys have been leaked and posted on social media, revealing what Gal Gadot’s Evil Queen and Rachel Zegler’s Snow White will look like.

The Walt Disney Company has yet to reveal so much as a teaser trailer, so it comes as no surprise to hear that this sort of leak is a massive no-no for Disney.

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The photo of the upcoming Evil Queen doll can still be found on social media, but the image of the Snow White doll was promptly taken down due to copyright infringement:

And it doesn’t end there: an X (formerly Twitter) account was even locked due to the leaked photo! So, we know that the Walt Disney Company meant business.

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Not only does this confirm that the leaked photos are real, but it also confirms that Disney is going to keep the upcoming Disney Princess’s look a secret by any means necessary.

Are you looking forward to the live-action Snow White film, or do you prefer the original? Tell Disney Dining all about it in the comments!

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  4. I personally like the idea of the remakes. I just wish they would keep them as close to the Disney animated films as possible. I wish they would stop with trying to appease the “wokeness“ of America. Just keep the films the way they are. The little mermaid was terrible. And I’m not talking about the skin color of the actress who played Ariel. I’m talking about the entire rest of the movie. It was awful. I loved Ursula, Triton and Eric but that’s about it. The rest… They can keep it. The few little changes in Aladdin, kind of ruined it for ME. Tinker Bell… The actress is gorgeous, but she’s not Tinker Bell. And the movie itself was boring. I hope Disney continues with the remakes, but I hope they stay closer to the Disney films than they have been and for sobbing out loud, don’t cast actors and actresses who hate the story!

  5. The animated Disney classics should not be redone into live action movies. This is only about making money not about making the story or the movie better.

  6. Looking forward to NOT paying to see this hot mess they made. No respect towards Walt Disney at all. Despicable!