Universal Orlando Experiences Major Outage, New Attraction Affected

Credit: Universal Studios

Universal Orlando is a premier entertainment destination located in Orlando, Florida, known for its immersive theme parks, thrilling attractions, and captivating entertainment experiences. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States, attracting millions of visitors worldwide each year.


Credit: Universal

Universal Destinations & Experiences also operate Universal Studios Hollywood in California, which includes SUPER NINTENDO WORLD and there have been numerous discussions about a third theme park resort area in the United States, which will be located located in Texas.

While all this talk of building is exciting, Universal Orlando is making huge waves in Florida. Universal Orlando is in the process of building a third theme park, called EPIC Universe, which will open in 2025 and will include SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, How to Train a Dragon, Universal Classic Monsters, and much more.

super nintendo world

Credit: Super Nintendo World

Universal Orlando is also in the process of building a new land inside Universal Studios Florida. This former land was the Woody Woodpecker Kidzone, but the new area will be all about DreamWorks, such as Trolls, Shrek, Gabby’s Doll House, and much more. Universal also just added the all-new Minion Land.

Minion Land is located at the front of Universal Studios FLorida and includes Bake My Day, Despicable Me Minon Mayhem, Freeze Ray Pops, Minion Cafe, and the newest attraction, Villian Con Minion Blast.

minion mayhem

Credit: Universal

Universal describes Villian Con Minion Blast as “guests will join Illumination’s Minions, Belle Bottom, Jean Clawed and the rest of the Vicious 6 at Villain-Con as you blast your way to supervillain stardom. Using your E-Liminator X blaster and test your skill in this fun, interactive attraction. It’s all-new fun”


Credit: Universal

Guests can download The Universal Orlando Resort app to enjoy enhanced gameplay at Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast attraction and throughout Minion Land on Illumination Avenue.

Many guests already have mixed feelings on this new attraction. Orlando Amusement on X (formerly known as Twitter) that Villian Con Minion Blast was having issues and was not sure if this was a glitch or permanently added.

Universal Orlando Team Members work hard at keeping attractions up and running smoothly. However, delays, errors and closures may happen from time to time.

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