Universal Studios Welcomes Brand New Character Meet-and-Greet

universal studios hollywood entrance
Credit: Universal

In the world of theme parks, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD is a brand-new development.

The first Universal Studios SUPER NINTENDO WORLD opened in Universal Studios Japan in 2020. However, due to roadblocks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the theme park area didn’t open to the public until 2021.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood

Credit: Universal

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Despite this, the theme park area was a success, and audiences were receptive. So, Universal Studios Hollywood opened its own version of SUPER NINTENDO WORLD.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD In Universal Studios Hollywood is incredibly recent, opening to the public this past February, but it’s already a huge success.

Super Nintendo World

Credit: Universal

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Guests are enjoying the attractions, the highly-themed area, and the adorable Toadstool Cafe. Universal Orlando Resort has already announced the plans for its own version of SUPER NINTENDO WORLD in its upcoming third theme park, Epic Universe.

Epic Universe is scheduled to open in 2025,

But over in Universal Studios Hollywood, new additions are already being welcomed to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD.

super nintendo world

Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

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While Guests have been able to meet Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi, there have been no appearances of supporting characters such as Yoshi, Daisy, Rosalina, or Toad…until now.

Universal Studios Hollywood has just welcomed Toad to the theme park area, and Guests can now experience a meet-and-greet with the adorable character.

Super Nintendo World

Credit: Universal

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This meet-and-greet opportunity is so brand new that no schedules have been set or added to the website yet. That being said, we expect they’ll be added soon.

At this time, Guests can meet Toad beside Princess Peach’s castle.

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