Universal Orlando Guest Goes Off the Deep End With “Horrible Experience”

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A Universal Orlando Guest recently spoke out about the horrible experience they had while on vacation.

Universal Orlando is a premier theme park resort located in Orlando, Florida. Known for its thrilling rides, immersive attractions, and magical experiences, Universal Orlando has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Universal is home to two theme parks Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. Universal is also home to a water park where Guests can cool off from the Florida heat called Volcano Bay.

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Universal Orlando is much like Disney World, as they are seeing thousands of Guests daily. With this amount of traffic heading to Universal errors, delays and issues will happen from time to time. Universal Team Members do their best at keeping the Parks clean and Guests happy.

In a social media post, One Universal Guest talks about their experience and how horrible it was for them. This Universal Guest talks about how Universal was a cesspool and was filthy due to the Guest and Team Members. Line cutting was a huge issue with the Guest but even with Guests walking into crowds with eyes closed. Team Members do their best to prevent line cutters if you happen to have an issue find your nearest Team Member for assistance.

“My experience at Universal Studios: absolutely horrible. This place is a cesspool, an endless supply of filth. Yet, not in the traditional sense—no, I’m speaking of the people. The ride operators, the tourists, the locals, etc. Never have I ever experienced such levels of indecency, and I doubt I will ever again. Line-cutters, people walking with their phones practically glued to their face (disabling their ability to watch where they’re going), once I even walked into a woman walking through the middle of the crowd with her eyes closed.”

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Another issue that happened with this “horrible experience” was this Guest complained about waiting in line for hours just to see Express Passes walk onto the attraction.

“The wait times? Awful. If you ever want to feel felonious, wait in line for two hours and watch express-pass holders brazenly walk right on—over and over again. Want a hot dog? That’ll be $14.99. Want a bottle of water? $5.00. Want to walk off a bridge? Roundabout $200 for a couple days walking around this horrendous place. My fiancé and I waited in line for 40 minutes for a butter beer in Diagon Alley, just for the attendee to tell us they’re shutting everything down for a safety concern. What was the safety concern? Who knows, apparently after spending half of my soul and some change on tickets and the bare necessities to stay alive in the park (food, drink) we weren’t privileged to that information. Want to get yelled at in Hagrid’s motorbike adventure? There was a short, angry little man working there who will be delighted to ruin your experience. Want to communicate to non-verbal, uninterested employees at Louie’s Pizza? Who roll their eyes when you ask for a slice? Go ahead. Oh, and forget about line etiquette. Families will steamroll you over and over again—entitlement is a disease in this place. I met the absolute scum of the earth in Orlando, and in Universal. The basest level of human decency was absent, a phantom people left at home. I’ve never appreciated my home more than when I returned from this God forsaken place. Never again.”

This Guest said they will not return to Universal, but it seems much of this is just sour grapes. While no experience will be “perfect,” Universal Orlando Team Members do their best to keep rides running and line queues to a minimum. This review is based on just one Guest’s experience and not the norm, by any stretch of the imagination.

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While bad experiences happen from time to time Guests should remember that Guests and Team Members may have a bad day or moment and to be patient while waiting for attractions, food, and much more.

How was your last Universal experience?

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