Universal Is Making the Right Move By Including This IP In Epic Universe

how to train your dragon
Credit: Aditya Vyas, Unsplash/ Universal/ DreamWorks/ Canva

When you think of Universal Orlando Resort versus Walt Disney World, one of the first things you probably think about is how Disney is focused on creating a family-friendly experience while Universal focuses on thrills and chills…until now.

universal orlando resort

Credit: Aditya Vyas on Unsplash

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It seems that Universal Parks and Resorts may have caught onto just how lucrative it is to market itself to families with younger children. After all, an entirely new Minions attraction has just opened, creating a mini Minions-themed area in Universal Studios.

Not only that, but Universal Studios is currently working on a DreamWorks-themed area.

how to train your dragon

Credit: DreamWorks

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However, its upcoming theme park, Epic Universe, may be the most family-friendly Park of them all. After all, Epic Universe will include SUPER NINTENDO WORLD and an entire theme park area dedicated to the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.

Some fans have questioned this choice, but it’s actually a massive step in the right direction!

how to train your dragon

Credit: DreamWorks

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For one, the franchise is well-beloved by children and adults alike. It’s neither too childish for adults to enjoy nor too adult for the little ones. Alongside the Shrek franchise, How to Train Your Dragon has been one of the most successful DreamWorks series, financially speaking.

how to train your dragon

Credit: DreamWorks

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Also, the art style and visual direction are distinctive enough from both Walt Disney World and other Universal IPs, making it an excellent choice for an addition to the theme park.

Each of the dragons are delightfully designed, and unlike many of the animal characters featured in Disney movies, they don’t talk. That makes a meet-and-greet opportunity that much easier for Universal!

universal studios globe and attractions at orlando resort

Credit: Discover Universal

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In short, this IP will be a fantastic addition; it’ll be fun and exciting without creating too many challenges for Universal Orlando Resort in the execution department!

Are you looking forward to the upcoming How To Train Your Dragon area in Epic Universe?

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