The Disney Dining Plan Returns…Finally!

Disney dining plan

We expected many changes when Bob Iger returned to the helm at the Walt Disney Company. In fact, we made a wishlist. An end to price increase, the return of parking lot trams, more Magic, and better Cast Member treatment all made the list.  What we didn’t see coming? The return of the Disney Dining Plan!

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Credit: Disney


 In a late-night announcement last night, it was revealed that the Dining Plan would be back this summer for certain guests. Previously, the Disney Dining Plan was available for any Disney Resort hotel guests Now? Only Deluxe hotel guests staying at club level will be eligible to purchase. Additionally, there will be minimum stay requirements: Guests must stay a minimum of 7 nights in order to qualify. 

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Not staying club-level? Never fear! There’s a workaround for these requirements. Guests willing to put down a 50% deposit on a new DVC contract are also eligible. This loophole applies to guests of any resort hotel level as well as guests staying off-property. This marks the first time off-property guests can purchase a Dining Plan.

This will help reduce the strain on Disney’s already crowded restaurants as it will keep the freeloaders out. In the past, the Dining Plan has allowed what they refer to as the “pb&j crowd” (meaning those who bring in their own food or gravitate toward the cheaper dining options) to enjoy Disney’s many upscale restaurants, which led to overcrowding.

Disney dining plan

Credit: Disney

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As Disney moves to cater to a more “high-end crowd,” the new requirements will ensure only those people that  Disney feels are financially worthy of their table service and signature dining establishments to experience them while still maintaining a beloved Disney perk: the ability to pre-pay for your food. Iger truly is bringing the magic back! 

Dining Plan returns

April Fools! Mean, I know, but this was a cathartic piece of satire We don’t know when the Disney Dining Plan will return, but we hope it’s soon (and we hope we haven’t predicted the future above). 


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