Swimming Weather? More Like Snowman Weather! Central Florida is in For a Shock This Weekend

Freezing Temps in Florida

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful”… when you think of Disney World’s weather, two things usually come to mind: oppressive heat and rain. What you don’t usually think of is…snow. “Snoap” on Main Street is generally about the closest thing to winter weather Central Floridians ever see. This year, however, is a different story. 

Freezing Temps in Florida

Credit: Disney

No, it’s likely not going to snow, but it is going to be cold enough to snow, which is absolutely wild. Just last week, the temperature was in the 70s. Tomorrow the weather forecast predicts a high of 67°, which is average for this time of year, but things will shift dramatically as a cold front moves in overnight. Friday’s low will be a bitter 31 degrees when the theme parks open . Christmas Eve won’t get much warmer with a high of 48° and a low of 35°. Christmas Day will see a slight increase in temperature as the weather only flirts with freezing but doesn’t quite get there with a high of 48° and a low of 35°. That’s… really cold. 

The average temperature in December for Orlando is 74°, so this is a shift many may find unexpected. If you’re planning on being in the Parks this holiday weekend, you’ll want to make sure to bundle up. The good news is that collection of Spirit Jerseys will finally come in handy for your Disney adventures! While nothing has been announced yet, water rides will likely be unavailable, and water parks at both Walt Disney World  and Universal Orlando kwill likely be closed due to the extreme (for Florida) cold. 

We were curious if these temperatures would be record-breaking and started researching. Not only has it gotten this cold in Orlando before, but it has actually snowed at Walt Disney World! 45 years ago in 1977, when Disney was still shiny and new, an Arctic front and frigid conditions blew into Orlando cold enough to produce a light dusting of snow. Floridians made the most of their snow day, which vanished just as quickly as it appeared. 

Freezing Temps in Florida

Credit: Orlando Sentinel

If winter weather isn’t your cup of tea, never fear! Florida’s temporary insanity will soon resolve. By next Thursday (December 27, 2022), temperatures will rise to normal ranges of 76°/62°. New Year’s Eve will even be swimming weather with a high of 81°! 

Concerned? Don’t be. Florida is classified as a “humid subtropical climate,” which typically means it is warm year-round, as high-pressure systems in the Atlantic ward off cold fronts. Still, its distance from the equator occasionally allows it to let its guard down when conditions are just right. When its high-pressure defense is down, cold fronts from the ocean can swoop in. This is just Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Merry Christmas, Florida!” 


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