Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Best Disney World Candy Shops

Disney World is absolutely magical. One of the things that makes it so magical? The incredible foods found around every corner. The sweet treats are particularly wonderful, and if you have a sweet tooth they can really add an extra special element to your Disney trip.

But where do you find those sweet treats? Honestly, there are so many snack stands and bakeries throughout the parks that finding a dessert is never a problem. But what if you’re looking for something extra special? In these cases, we recommend seeking out one of the many Disney World candy shops on property.

Below is a list of the best candy shops in Walt Disney World Resort. Candy fanatics should add all of these to their must-do Disney lists, and even if candy isn’t your favorite thing, we recommend visiting at least one.

Let’s dive in!

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Zuri’s Sweets in Animal Kingdom

A fun and adventurous-feeling shop, Zuri’s Sweets is located in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The shop has an Africa and animal theme and many of the treats served here reflect that.

Sure, you’ll find the usual rice crispy treats, candy apples, cookies, and marshmallow pops, but several of them are in the shape of animals. Goofy’s Glaciers are served in special, animal kingdom cups. The shop also serves up some unique treats such as the Dark Chocolate Mickey infused with Chili Pepper and the Haystacks.

Note: You can also buy bottles of Flame Tree Barbecue Sauce at this location!

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Karamell-Kuche in Epcot

Caramel fans absolutely must visit Karamell-Kuche in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion in the World Showcase. The smells that waft from this caramel-focused candy shop are out of this world, and the treats are even better.

Everything served at Karamell-Kuche is made using Werther’s caramel, and much of it is even made in-house. Peek in the case and choose a few things that sound good to you. Don’t forget to add a bag of fresh-made caramel popcorn to whatever you get. The stuff is to die for!

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Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Confectionery is the perfect one stop shop when it comes to treats. This recently renovated shop has cases full of sweets like cupcakes, cookies, and rice crispy treats and plenty of prepackaged options to choose from. That said, the fun doesn’t stop there!

This shop also features a section for creating your own sweet popcorn mix, an area where you can build your own Glacier drink, a wall of mix and match chocolate candies, a candy kitchen where you can watch the magic being made, and a spot where cotton candy is made before your eyes. Nobody is going to leave this shop feeling hungry.

Big Top Treats in Magic Kingdom

Another fantastic candy shop in Magic Kingdom park can be found in the back of Fantasyland near the Dumbo ride. This one has a colorful and fun circus theme and is called Big Top Treats.

Like Karamell-Kuche, this shop serves up fresh-made caramel popcorn, and it is a treat worth worth snagging if you can. Additionally, the shop has cases full of Disney treats such as marshmallow pops, candy apples, and baked goods. Goofy’s Glaciers are available, prepackaged snacks line the shelves, and there are some toys and other merchandise thrown into the mix to make shopping here even more fun.

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Goofy’s Candy Co in Disney Springs

If you pay attention to the candy packages found throughout the parks, you’ll notice many of the candies are made by “Goofy’s Candy Co”. Most people just assume Goofy’s Candy Co is only a brand name and are surprised when they wander through Disney Springs and come across the incredibly zany and colorful Goofy’s Candy Co store.

If you like the treat options packaged by Goofy’s Candy Co, you’re going to love this store. Here you’ll find all of the candy varieties sold by the brand. Additionally, the store features a wall of Goofy’s Glaciers, a section of mix and match M&Ms and other candies, bakery cases, and more.

Candy Cauldron in Disney Springs

Candy Cauldron is a smaller Disney Springs candy shop. The theme? Disney villains. If you like all Disney things dark and sinister, you’re going to love this shop where potions and spell books line the walls and the evil queen stands guard over everything.

The treats themselves are very much the same as what you’d find in other sweets shops. That said, the cookies, marshmallow pops, candy apples, and crispy treats will often be inspired by the darker Disney characters, so keep an eye out for fun options.

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The Ganachery in Disney Springs

Finally, there is The Ganachery. This amazing little gourmet candy shop is also located in Disney Springs and is one place you won’t want to miss, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Here you’ll find 16 different flavors of house-made ganache. Additionally, the shop sells a variety of hand-crafted chocolates which include flavors such as hazelnut, dark chocolate, and even chipotle. Seasonal specials are, of course, available throughout the year, and are always worth trying when you’re in the mood for a treat.

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As you can see, Walt Disney World Resort has no shortage of amazing candy shops, and with so many different themes and treats being offered, it is worth your time to check out each and every one. Besides, you don’t want to be missing sweets on your next Disney World vacation, and if you plan to see each of these shops, we can guarantee you won’t be!

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