Ditch the Disney Hate Train – Your ‘Wish’ Has Been Granted

Ariana DeBose as Princess Asha in new Disney's 'Wish' movie trailer
Credit: Disney

Fans of The Walt Disney Company have been losing faith in the once-magical storytelling entity after multiple lackluster live-action remakes and the company’s seeming reliance on old intellectual property. Things are looking up, though, and wishes may be coming true! Something new really is on the horizon for Disney fans, even though it comes in a familiar package. With the new trailer for Disney’s Wish movie, audiences sense a return to the classic Disney animation they once knew and loved.

Chris Pine as King Magnifico in Disney's 'Wish' movie
Credit: Disney

Starring West Side Story’s (2021) breakout star Ariana DeBose as the voice of the main character and new Disney Princess, Asha, and actor Chris Pine as the villainous King Magnifico, Walt Disney Animation returns to its roots. Former Wish trailers have already happily pointed to Pine’s Magnifico as the type of classic Disney villain fans have been waiting to see again for years.

The brand-new Wish trailer gives fans the biggest insight into the movie yet! In the nearly two-and-a-half-minute-long trailer, fans are introduced to some new Disney characters, get a solid depiction of the plot, and fall in love with the featured original song called “This Wish.”

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Princess Asha and the wishing Star in Disney's 'Wish' movie
Credit: Disney

In the magical kingdom of Rosas, Asha’s narration explains King Magnifico’s power to grant wishes. Queen Amaya stands by his side, praising the mighty King, and he agrees he’s pretty handsome. The people of Rosas clearly love and admire him as well.

Asha gives manic Princess Anna vibes as she speaks to her baker best friend, Dahlia. As the King’s apprentice, Asha gets the inside scoop on Magnifico’s wish-granting powers from the man himself. She quickly realizes that King Magnifico’s power to choose which wishes are granted and which aren’t is unethical and misleading to her people.

Princess Asha and her friend Dahlia in Disney's 'Wish' movie trailer
Credit: Disney

Ariana DeBose’s voice soars as the gentle beginning of “This Wish” plays in the background. Asha has somehow gotten the attention of a wishing star who literally falls out of the sky to help grant her wish. Star is a cute and cosmic force that performs wondrous things throughout the kingdom. It lights up the forest flora and fauna and gives Alan Tudyk’s voice to the tiny goat Valentino.

Threatened by Asha’s power in combination with the wishing star, King Magnifico turns Rosas against her. What follows involves clips of a beautiful and innovative animated musical featuring giant eggs, choreographed chickens, and a whole lot of wishes.

Check out the new Disney’s Wish movie trailer below and get off that Disney hate train!

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Disney’s Wish movie debuts in theaters on November 22nd as a part of Disney100 and is preceded by the celebratory short titled Once Upon a Studio. Director Chris Buck (Frozen) is joined by Fawn Veerasunthorn, along with executive producer Jennifer Lee (writer and co-director of Frozen and Frozen II). Expect a lot of Disney100 Easter eggs!

What did you think?? Princess Asha is already slated to start meet-and-greets in the Disney Parks soon, and we can’t wait!

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