The Reviews Are In: Audiences React to Private Screening of Disney’s New Movie ‘Wish’

Princess Asha Star Valentino Wishing well Disney Wish Movie
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Right now, Walt Disney Animation Studio is hard at work creating the next hit movie.

In the past, Disney has been responsible for creating some of the most iconic and timeless classics. Films like Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast were incredibly influential and shaped the generations who grew up watching them. These films are a big reason why Disney has the die-hard fanbase that it does today.

When you are talking to a Disney fan about the biggest criticisms they have of the company, a standard answer might be the lack of original stories. Right now, Disney is focussing a lot of time, energy, and money on creating live-action versions of these classic films. While the live-action versions historically have done very well in theatres, many fans are feeling burnt out by the number of remakes.

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Fans Urge Disney for More Original Content… And Disney Answers

Disney has a lot of pressure from fans to create the next great original story. It’s hard to tell what will become a classic, but many fans were feeling hopeful that Disney may have found their star in the upcoming movie Disneys Wish.

“Wish” features a star-studded cast, including Chris Pine and Ariana DeBose. Director Chris Buck and Director Fawn Veerasunthorn have an incredible vision of creating an animated movie like no other. The premise of “Wish” revolves around Asha, a girl in a magic kingdom who makes a wish on a wishing star. When a cosmic force causes the star to fall to Earth, it is discovered by Princess Asha (voiced by Ariana DeBose), who sets out to find the star’s true purpose.

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King Magnifico Chris Pine Disney's Wish

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Special Screening for ‘Wish’ Takes Place

A select audience was given the incredible opportunity to watch 30 minutes of Disney Wish on June 19, 2023. According to one audience member and Disney fan, the movie is absolutely outstanding. This Disney movie features tons of original music, a captivating story, and incredibly advanced and artistic computer graphics.

This Disney film is looking to be absolutely amazing so far. It is so validating to see the Walt Disney Company listening to their fan’s wishes and start creating artful and original movies. 

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