First-Look at Disney’s New Hispanic Princess Asha in ‘Wish’ Trailer

Princess Asha Star Valentino Wishing well Disney Wish Movie
Credit: Disney

The first official trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ new musical comedy Wish just dropped. Here’s everything you need to know.

The trailer starts out with Chris Pine’s voice-over as the character King Magnifico. Magnifico narrates, “Imagine a place where wishes come true – where your heart’s desire can become a reality.” The animation is a beautiful combination of watercolor hand-drawn art combined with CGI technology.

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New Disney wish movie poster


A sun rises over a kingdom of Spanish architecture and we get the first glimpse of our new Disney Princess! Princess Asha, voiced by Oscar winner Ariana DeBose, of the Kingdom of Rosas stands on a balcony with her goat friend, Valentino. Valentino gently blows a dandelion into the breeze. The movie’s theme, the power of wishes, is already apparent.

Princess Asha follows King Magnifico into a chamber that presumably holds wishes in blue floating orbs. King Magnifico says that all Asha needs to do is “Give your wish…to ME.” Wait what? This turned kind of sinister. Is Chris Pine the villain of this story?? Look at this extreme close up on his eyes!

Chris Pine King Magnifico Disney Wish November 22


A maniacal laugh echos as Asha runs…so yea, Chris Pine’s King Magnifico is definitely the antagonist in WishAfter this experience, Princess Asha makes a wish on a bright star and it falls right out of the sky! It sprinkles star dust on flowers and suddenly they move like humans. Valentino the goat eats some of the star dust, which then grants his wish – to be able to speak! His part is voiced by Disney frequent, Alan Tudyk.

Then we get our first listen to Ariana DeBose singing as Princess Asha in an original song created for the film. It sounds like a classic Disney “I want” song that talks about her confidence and empowerment to push on. The trailer mentions that this is a “story a century in the making.”

Check it out below!

Visually, Wish already promises to be magical and stunning. The directors are Chris Buck (Frozen) and Fawn Veerasunthorn (Raya and the Last Dragon). Audiences can expect new songs by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Julia Michaels and Grammy-winning producer-songwriter-musician Benjamin Rice. Jennifer Lee (Frozen) writes and executive produces.

Wish make Princess Asha the second Hispanic Disney Princess, after the television character Princess Elena of Avalor, and the first of Disney’s major animated films.

The trailer concludes with DeBose’s Asha softly singing, “So I make this wish / to have something more for us than this.” Only in theaters this November 22!

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