Pair of LEAKED “Fantastic Four” Actors Turn Down MCU Roles

Pair of LEAKED "Fantastic Four" Actors Turn Down MCU Roles
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It would seem that the promise of LEAKED casting for two prominent roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming Fantastic Four project has officially fallen through. If you’re in the dark about the potential casting decisions, don’t worry; so were a lot of other Marvel fans who have been roaring for a new MCU-exclusive Fantastic Four film. We don’t blame them, Marvel executives have been hinting and teasing the Marvel originals for a couple of years, and just as it seemed some progress was being made, the project fell flat on its face once again. Today’s news is a big blow for Marvel fans, as the Fantastic Four are a cornerstone in the Marvel world. Outside of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (John Krasinski plays Reed Richards), no representation has been made in the MCU. It seemed as though things were finally moving in the right direction when two big names were announced to be cast in focal roles for this upcoming movie potentially. As of today, both of those individuals have stepped away, and the future of an MCU Fantastic Four remains a distant reality.

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Adam Driver – “Fantastic Four” – Reed Richards

Adam Driver Fantastic Four

Credit: Marvel

Adam Driver, best known for portraying Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise, was the first name that stepped away from the new film. Most leaks suggest that Driver had agreed to the role of Reed Richards. Richards, or Mr. Fantastic, is the de facto leader of the Fantastic Four and is the only one of the characters that have been present in an MCU film. Although that version of the character is from a separate universe, fans initially hoped that John Krasinski would revise the short-lived role. Still, they were pleased with the suggested decision that Adam Driver was in talks to finalize a contract to take the character over.

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Margot Robbie – “Fantastic Four” – Sue Storm

Margot Robbie as Barbie

Robbie is an up-and-comer that is no stronger to comic book material set to screen. She’s most known for her role as Harley Quinn in DC Comic’s Suicide Squad movies, but has recently brached out alongside Ryan Gosling in Barbie. Margot Robbie seemed to be a done deal for the role of Sue Storm, the wife of Reed Richards, also known as Invisible Woman. Much like Mr. Fantastic, the role of Sue Storm has been used film before. Jessica Alba famousely played Susan Storm alongside Chris Evans as Human Torch in the 2005 Fantastic Four (20th Century Fox) version of the film (not part of the MCU) and its sequel in 2007. However, Margot Robbie has reportably stepped away from negotiations to fill the role thus ending current hopes that the actress will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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What Exactly Happened?

Dead pool 3

Credit: Marvel

To answer the question in the heading, people are still waiting to learn. It’s been suggested that the two are currently unaffordable, which is understandable as both have seen recent celebrity and a boost in their acting careers. It is difficult to believe that Disney and Marvel don’t have the dollars to bring in just about anyone they want to fill the roles, so I’m hesitant to bite on that theory. The best guess, and I emphasize the word “guess,” is that these MCU roles are unsuitable for the actors. Maybe they don’t fit. As the MCU is in a sort of limbo after Avengers: End Game, much of their product lack what Marvel fans want. MCU fans have been very unhappy with the direction of the MCU outside of a few projects that feel like what we’ve been used to in the past. Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 is an excellent example of this. The film is doing well because it utilizes the original cast of characters that have been developed through raw story-telling. This familiarity is most appreciated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as opposed to watching She-Hulk twerk with Megan Thee Stallion.

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Marvel may have actually pulled the plug on the roles in an effort to get back to their roots. Finances definitely were a piece of the puzzle, but if fans want John Krasinski, why not give them what they want? Although fans would have been satisfied with either casting, knowing those characters intimately through Marvel comics raises some red flags when considering them the best options. Marvel potentially has realized this, as one thing they’ve been fantastic about is their casting choices. Think about it, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark? That’s perfect, and Marvel doesn’t typically miss that mark in any role they employ. A quick end note, we’re also holding out hope that Krasinki will retake the the lead alonside his wife Emily Blunt as Susan Storm! Maybe they could get Captain America off of the moon. 

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