Post Credit Scenes LEAKED During “The Marvels” Advanced Screening

Post Credit-Scenes LEAKED During "The Marvels" Advanced Screening
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When new Marvel products come to the big screen, it’s always tricky for writers, actors, and producers to keep the secrets and easter eggs that fans have come to love a mystery. Marvel films are chock-full of referencing material and clues to past and future products (especially Marvel post credit scenes), and fans will do just about anything to get their hands on information early. Sometimes even the actors have difficulty keeping their mouths closed, looking at you Tom Holland. Marvel leaks are a consistent issue for producers, and it looks like the newest Marvel film will be no exception.

According to a Reddit post by u/KostisPat257, it seems that Marvel has had another leak of their post-credit scenes during an advanced showing of The Marvels, which is scheduled for public release on November 10, 2023. Post credit scenes, which have become a staple in Marvel productions, have made their way to the internet, and it is possible we know what the next big MCU project is going to be!


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It looks like the movie will contain two separate cut scenes, which has become common among Marvel movies. These scenes typically provide a glance at what is to come moving forward, or they contain essential information that gives the viewer a proper insight into the bigger picture of the MCU. No matter their purpose, fans will stick around long after the movie has ended to catch a hint at what could be in store down the road.

Marvel Post Credit Scene #1

In this Marvel postcredit scene, Monica Rambo wakes in a hospital, as we saw in WandaVision. However, standing next to her will be her mother, dressed as Captain Marvel. Due to events during the film, Monica will be transported to a new universe where her mother never passes away. Not only is she still alive here, but she is also Captain Marvel, which fans are familiar with. The scene is suggested to invoke a severe emotional response from Rambo, who missed her mother’s passing during the five years after Thanos’s snap.

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Marvel Post Credit Scene #2

The second Marvel post credit scene comes after the credits have finished rolling. It’s one that Marvel fans have speculated about and been waiting for. This post-scene begins much like the film, with Kamala giving a dialogue that references current events. The difference here is that the conversation isn’t between her and the viewer but between her and Kate Bishop. The cameo comes as Marvel prepares to user-in the Young Avengers, a much-anticipated project. This is made clear when Kamala suggests to Kate that there are others just like them and they should team up, specifically mentioning Ant-Man’s daughter.

Ms. Marvel

Credit: Disney

So there you have, take it or leave it, it’s up to you. This could easily be a bogus claim by someone with too much time, or we have an accurate view of where the MCU is going. I lean toward the latter, as The Young Avengers have been hinted towards for a while now. Either way, with the recent release of Secret Invasion, it’s an exciting time to be a Marvel fan.

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