Just Months After it Opens, Guardians of the Galaxy Sees Major Improvement

Cosmic rewind
Credit: Disney

Fans riding Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will have noticed something has changed. Disney is constantly tweaking and evolving rides to make the best they can be, but a development this soon is surprising. The ride has been open for just half a year, and it’s already seen a significant improvement.

This family coaster based on the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise is one of the largest indoor roller coasters in the world. The ride also has the distinction of being Disney’s first (and only) ride based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney’s first-ever reverse launch coaster. The launch sequence recently saw improvements in the last few weeks which enhanced the experience.

New rides often require a bit of a breaking-in period to get just right. Imagineers are an incredibly talented bunch, but they can’t always foresee every challenge until the ride is fully operational. In this case, the explosion effect upon launch wasn’t enough to conceal the ride mechanisms, which destroyed the illusion for some by allowing the room to be seen. When you can see walls and tracks, it’s hard to suspend your disbelief and imagine you’re really in space. It may seem like a small detail, but Imagineers wanted the ride to be perfect. This level of attention to detail is what sets Disney apart from every other theme park in the world. With very few exceptions (looking at you, Yeti), if something isn’t right, Imagineers doggedly work it until it is.

The tweets below show the before and after, and the difference, while subtle, is remarkable. In the “before” video, you could clearly see the walls, floor, and track, which was absolutely unintentional on the part of the Imagineers. In the “After” video, you see far less. The top screen is still visible, and we expect they’ll be working on a solution for that, but it is much improved and gives the desired “launch into space rather than a train on a track” feel.


Credit: mynews13.com

Just how was it achieved? They layered a store lighting effect over the screen projected explosion. This serves two purposes: the flash of light becomes a multimedia effect that comes together to add realism to the blast. It also forces your eyes to quickly focus on the strobe, making the room seem darker. Have you ever noticed that you can’t see anything after you turn out your light at night, but a few minutes later, you can see all around you? It is exactly the same principle, but since it all happens so quickly, your eyes never have time to adjust.

The seemingly simple fix is really quite brilliant and comes just in time for the holiday layover (and the holiday special coming to Disney+). For the Christmas season, the coaster will feature an array of holiday music instead of the usual assortment of music that may be played during your ride. Both the regular experience and the Christmas overlay are experiences you won’t want to miss on your next Disney vacation.

Check out the before and after clips from the ride’s new adjustments.




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