Leaked Details About EPCOT ‘Mary Poppins’ Ride

mary poppins at EPCOT
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Remember when we were promised a Mary Poppins EPCOT attraction in 2019?

Mary poppins scene

Credit: DisneyDining

A Pie Crust Promise

The details on the project were kept tight-lipped, as is custom with many new Disney attractions. But last year, then Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that plans for the United Kingdom pavilion have been paused but aren’t entirely canceled.

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During a shareholder meeting last year, one shareholder asked the question. At the time, Chapek responded that the World Showcase attraction would remain on hold (among others) until the Walt Disney Company’s “cash situation becomes a bit more robust and a little bit back to normal, in terms of [the company’s] liquidity. We look forward to hopefully refunding those projects in the future.”

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New Concept Art

But recently, concept art and images for Walt Disney World Resort’s never-built Mary Poppins attraction have surfaced. The indoor attraction would have contained two pre-show rooms, leading to an indoor spinning tea-cup-style ride. Images acquired from NotesFromNeverland show concept art for the attraction.

Concept art of mary poppins attractions

Credit: Disney Concept Art

Throughout the years after the 2019 announcement, many believed that the new Mary Poppins ride was going to be a carousel, similar to the one the title character and the kids ride in the original film. However, there were hopes and hype that it would actually be more of a dark ride.

Mary poppins ride concept art

Credit: Disney Concept Art

A Change in the Winds

Unfortunately for Mary Poppins fans, the ride appears to be indefinitely postponed. This seems unlikely to change as the Walt Disney Company struggles with finances behind the scenes. It also stands to reason that when Disney has adequate funding for expansions throughout its many domestic parks, it would invest in thrill rides and more modern intellectual properties – specifically Marvel or even Frozen.

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Then again, never say never. If Disney is consistent about one thing – it’s always keeping its fans surprised and doing the impossible!

Mary Poppins

Credit: Disney

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