‘Mary Poppins’ Star Dick Van Dyke Helps Those Looking For Work, Showing He Really Is a Spoonful of Sugar

Dick Van Dyke Work Program
Credit: Coleman Rayner

When it comes to Disney legends, one of the most memorable people is Mary Poppins star Dick Van Dyke. In 1964, Van Dyke starred alongside Julie Andrews as Bert the chimney sweep, sweeping his way into the hearts of people around the world. Not only did he play Bert, but he also played banker Mr. Dawes Senior — although the role was credited to Navckid Keyd, an anagram of Van Dyke’s name.

Van Dyke then came back into the Mary Poppins family when he played Mr. Dawes Junior in 2018’s Mary Poppins Returns, where he tap-danced on a table at 93 years old!

Dick Van Dyke Mary Poppins Returns

Credit: Disney

While Van Dyke isn’t acting much anymore, he is still active and bringing that Disney magic to people every day in his home state of California. In fact, Van Dyke was recently spotted at the Malibu Labor Exchange — a non-profit organization focused on pairing up people who want to work with those who are looking for jobs.

Dick Van Dkye

Credit: Dick Van Dyke

According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Van Dyke was handing out $5 to people who were at the labor center waiting for work.

The legendary entertainer was spotted out in Malibu last week handing out $5 bills outside the Malibu Community Labor Exchange. The organization helps match employers and those looking for work. The Mary Poppins star didn’t just hand out the dough, however. He also chatted with the folks, who were appreciative of the gesture.

Dick Van Dyke

Credit: Coleman Rayner

Van Dyke is currently in pre-production on a film called Capture the Flag — about a group of senior citizens who play the game every morning to get the chance to raise the flag in their community.

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