Disney Announces NEW ‘Frozen,’ ‘Tangled,’ ‘Peter Pan,’ and Tinkerbell Attractions Coming to Disney Expansion in 2024

TokyoSea Fantasy Springs
Credit: Disney

This is thrilling news!

Disney has just revealed some extremely exciting news that has shaken the Disney theme Park community. Late in the evening of August 23, 2023, Disney announced four new rides coming in 2024. These attractions will be based around some of Disney’s most iconic films, and fans are losing their minds!

Fantasy Springs

Credit: Disney

Neverland Takes New Form

Tokyo DisneySea, known for its unique and captivating theme parks, is all set to unveil its latest addition – Fantasy Springs. Back in 2022, Disney announced the new international expansion, which, as of now, is set to open in the spring of 2024. The land promises to mesh the worlds of Peter Pan, Frozen, and Tangled. Now, we know four of the new attractions coming to Fantasy Springs.

First up is Peter Pan’s Neverland Adventure. This attraction is going to be a six-minute 3D experience where Guests will be able to dive into the world of Neverland. Along the way, Guests will encounter Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and also become members of the “Lost Kids.”

For more Neverland fun, Guests will be able to head over to Fairy Tinkerbell Busy Buggy. This attraction will feature everyone’s favorite mischievous fairy and will allow Guests to “help Tinkerbell deliver packages and parcels to various locations in Pixie Hollow.” Also coming to Peter Pan’s Neverland is the Lookout Cookout Restaurant.

Peter Pan fantasy Springs

Credit: Disney

‘Frozen’ Gets an Ice-Cool Attraction

Coming to the ‘Frozen Kingdom,” Anna and Elsa will be busy celebrating life now that the seasons are back in harmony. The main attraction of this land will be Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey. This boat ride journey will tell the story of two sisters whose love saved a kingdom. This attraction will also be joined by the Arendale Royal Banquet Restaurant and Okan’s OK Food, a small food store.

Frozen Fantasy Springs

Credit: Disney

Princess Rapunzel Finally Gets the Recognition She Deserves

Of all the news that has been announced, this one is probably what fans are most excited about. Coming to Rapunzel’s Forest is Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival. This attraction will be a boat ride taking Guests through the iconic Lantern Festival scene from the movie. Also coming to this land is the Snugly Duckling, the iconic restaurant from the film.

Rapunzel's Forest Fantasy Springs

Credit: Disney

So far, this new Fantasy Springs looks and sounds absolutely amazing. In addition to the ride descriptions, Disney also revealed a video showing how construction is going on Fantasy Springs.

Guests will be thrilled to experience it when it opens in 2024!

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