Is Disney Hiring British Talent to Cut Out Striking American Actors?

British fantastic four actors disney marvel studios matt smith reed richards mr fantastic marvel comic vanessa kirby joseph quinn johnny storm sag-aftra strike
Credit: Netflix, BBC

Social media is full of casting speculations for upcoming projects, but the latest trend has some audiences wondering about what The Walt Disney Company is up to. It’s no secret that there’s a major entertainment labor strike happening right now across the United States, with writers and actors in a stalemate with big studios. According to reports about Disney and Marvel Studios’ new leads for the upcoming Fantastic Four film, everything’s coming up British.

British fantastic four actors disney marvel studios matt smith reed richards  mr fantastic marvel comic vanessa kirby joseph quinn johnny storm sag-aftra strike

Credit: Marvel Studios

Right now, both writers and actors in America are striking against unfair pay in the form of streaming residuals, as well as fighting against the takeover of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry. As a result, projects from films to television series have been halted and thrown off course.

Although things are up in the air, Marvel Studios is apparently still going ahead with securing lead actors for its upcoming Fantastic Four remake, even though SAG-AFTRA actors are strictly prohibited from working during the labor strike. So how are Disney and Marvel in talks with actors, then? Well, it looks like both American-born companies are going British.

First up, British actor Joseph Quinn has reportedly been cast as Johnny Storm, AKA The Human Torch. Quinn rose to instant fame after appearing as Eddie Munson in the fourth season of Netflix’s wildly popular Stranger Things. Johnny Storm/The Human Torch possesses the power of pyrokinesis, which enables him to ignite his entire body into flames. He can fly at incredible speeds, project fireballs, and manipulate fire in various ways.

Next to supposedly be confirmed, is British Actress Vanessa Kirby best known for her role as Princess Margaret in Netflix’s first and second seasons of The Crown and the most recent Mission:Impossible film. She is slated to play Sue Storm/ The Invisible Woman. Sister of Johnny Storm, Sue can manipulate and control invisible force fields, which she can use to create protective shields, invisible barriers, and even camouflage herself and others.

Lastly, it seems the latest star of the BBC’s incomparable Doctor Who series will lead up the Marvel Comic super team on the big screen as Reed Richards/ Mr. Fantastic. Though Matt Smith is still rumored to lead what’s shaping up to be a British Fantastic Four, fans are reading into his reps decision to make “no comment” when pressed on the matter. Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic has the ability to stretch his body to incredible lengths, allowing him to reach great heights, squeeze through tight spaces, and shape-shift his body into various forms.

Marvel Studios and Disney have yet to comment on the validity of these castings nor if there is an ulterior motive in reference to the entertainment strikes. Either way, Marvel fans are definitely on top of any new developments.

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