The Results Are In: HUNDREDS of Babies Were Born at Walt Disney World This Year

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It’s not just a tagline: Walt Disney World is genuinely the Most Magical Place on Earth. But this year, things were a little extra magical.

What Makes Walt Disney World So Magical? Walt Disney Imagineering, Mostly

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The Walt Disney Company prides itself on how fantastical its theme park atmospheres can be.

Whenever designing a new ‘land’ in a Disney Park, Walt Disney Imagineering’s biggest goal is to transport all guests, whether young or old, to whimsical new worlds, allowing everyone to forget about real life for a moment and focus solely on the magic of Disney.

That’s why Walt Disney Imagineering takes such great pains to create theme park areas that are so immersive that guests are left wondering, “How did they do that?”

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The newest Disney attractions get increasingly mesmerizing every year as Walt Disney Imagineering develops new technological advances, using every trick in the book to suspend guests’ disbelief. The cherry on top of this Disney magic sundae is the parades and nighttime spectaculars, leaving guests oohing and ahhing at the fantastic displays.

Typically, Magic Kingdom is the Disney park with the most magic (hence the name), but this year, it was a tie between Disney’s Animal Kingdom and EPCOT theme parks.

After all, nothing’s more magical than new life!

Magic Kingdom Is Usually the Most Magical Disney Park, But Its Crown Was Usurped This Year…

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This year, Walt Disney World Resort welcomed over 300 babies from all walks of life, making it an incredibly diverse range of additions.

According to the Walt Disney Company, the vacation destination welcomed a new eagle ray pup and adorable tiny cuttlefish over at EPCOT’s The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction, as well as a red river hog piglet and an aardvark cub in Animal Kingdom.

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Not only that, but the official Disney Parks announcement reports that Animal Kingdom also welcomed over 150 birds.

These births aren’t just magical; they’re also crucial for the survival of these endangered animal populations.

These Walt Disney World Resorts aren’t just theme parks: Animal Kingdom is currently the most-visited zoo in the world, with EPCOT hosting the second-biggest aquarium in the United States (hats off to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta).

While guests enjoy state-of-the-art tourist destinations, research and scientific advancements are happening behind the scenes, including these exciting births.

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Some of the most notable Animal Kingdom births include new zebra foals in Kilimanjaro Safaris, cotton-top tamarin twins in Discovery Island, and a yellow-backed duiker in Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail.

Another notable birth was the newest Cinderella Pony, born at Disney World’s Tri-Circle-D Ranch, who will pull Cinderella’s magical carriage someday.

Have you seen any of these adorable babies while visiting Walt Disney World? Which one is the cutest, in your opinion? Tell Disney Dining in the comments below!

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