Mom Named Her Newborn After Splash Mountain Ride. Commence the Online Heyday.

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People online are having a heyday over a mom who loves Disney World’s Splash Mountain attraction so much, she named her baby after the iconic ride.

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Disney brand fans come in all ages and sizes and have all sorts of favorites and preferences. Disney Parks fans often take things one step further by being extremely specific about which park they start at when they visit and which park they visit on their last day at Disney World. They have very decided opinions on whether a visit to EPCOT’s World Showcase should begin in Canada or Mexico . . . or, oddly enough, the American Adventure.

Yeah, we’re not sure how that one plays out. But, to each his own.

And though they’ve been around for years, the concept of Disney Adults–for whatever reason–seems to have been brought to the forefront of the Disneyverse in the post-COVID era. (People over the age of 17 have been watching Disney films since the 1930s and visiting Disney Parks since the mid-1950s.) Oh, but there seem to be more varieties of Disney Adults now than ever before.

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Millions of adults likely identify as Disney Adults. But what does that mean?

For some, it means simply that they maintain their cool while being subjected to the sights and sounds of Disney+ content for hours a day as they watch along with their children. For others, it means an unbreakable devotion to a yearly visit to the Walt Disney World Resort. But for some, it means taking extraordinary measures to honor a favorite Disney character, film . . . or attraction at Disney World.

That’s exactly what one mom did when she was choosing a name for her unborn baby.

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“The first thing I want to say is that her name is not ‘Splash Mountain,’ Kara explained in a video. “It’s Briar, like the Briar Patch [at Splash Mountain].”
Kara went on to explain how she initially came up with the name: “I got her name because I was looking at a baby name list on Pinterest, and I was pregnant, and I saw the name ‘Briar,’ and I’d never heard of it. I really love nature names, and it reminded me of the little briar patch on the Splash Mountain ride.”
“I’ve never seen ‘Song of the South,'” she continued. “I know it’s very controversial and terrible; I just like the ride.”
Splash Mountain was Kara’s favorite ride at Disney World, and she’s sad about the closing of the iconic, 30-year-old attraction on Sunday evening. But she is excited about a brand-new Princess and the Frog-themed attraction. But some online users responded to Kara’s decision to name her baby after the iconic and sometimes controversial attraction with frustration and criticism, but not before several tried to guess (or poke fun at) the name of the baby girl.
“Sorry about that, Zippity,” posted one user, while another said, “Tell Log Flume I’m sorry.” Others poked fun at the normal wait times at the attraction, saying, “75-minute Wait?” Still another said, “I’m sorry about that, Laffin Playce.”
Brer Rabbit Finds His Laughing Place Inside Splash Mountain – Ink and Paint  in the Parks

Credit: Ink & Paint in the Parks

But one user asked, “You named your baby after a notoriously racist movie? That baby’s fresh; there’s no way you ‘didn’t know.'”
Splash Mountain was closed permanently on Sunday evening, more than two years after Disney Parks announced the planned closure and reimagining of the Guest-favorite attraction. For some, it is a welcome change. For others, the entire ordeal seems pointless at best.

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