Minnie Reveals She Has Baby Fever During This Wholesome Interaction

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Credit: Disney

When it comes to visiting Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort alike, there’s always a ton of stuff to do.

From fantastic live entertainment to immersive attractions to tons of shops and eateries, you’ll always have something to do at a Disney Park. That being said, one of the best ways to make a lasting memory while visiting a Disney Park is to experience a character meet-and-greet.

Credit: Disney

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In Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, Disney characters can often be found walking around. Anyone from a Disney Princess to the Mandalorian to Daisy Duck can be seen walking around (depending on which Disney Park you’re visiting, of course).

Mickey Mouse

Credit: Disney

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These character meet-and-greet interactions are some of the most memorable attractions at any Disney Park. Not to mention, the talented performers genuinely make it feel as if the Disney characters have come to life. It’s incredibly immersive and often very entertaining.

However, one Guest recently had an experience that was more entertaining than usual, as it consisted of Minnie Mouse revealing her baby fever:


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In this TikTok, a Guest is experiencing a character meet-and-greet with Mickey and Minnie Mouse with her infant. All goes well until Minnie gestures toward the baby and then toward herself and Mickey.

Mickey looks away, trying to take this huge piece of information in. But when he finally looks back at Minnie, she makes it known that’s not all she wants as she points to her ring finger. After all, they’ve been together for almost 100 years now!

mickey minnie mouse goofy donald and blue on main street before cinderella castle

Credit: Disney

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Anything can happen when you’re visiting Disneyland!

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