Mickey’s Reaction to the Massive Fantasmic! Disaster Caught on Camera

Fantasmic! is one of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney World’s most impressive attractions. This nighttime spectacular utilizes fireworks, special effects, and, most iconically, fire effects all throughout the show.

Although Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort alike prioritize safety over everything else, mistakes can still happen. Unfortunately, something happened on Saturday evening to cause a huge fire during the performance.

amazing photo of the Fantasmic Dragon. photo credit Richard Takanega
by u/Stradocaster in Disneyland

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During Fantasmic!, there’s a sequence involving an impressive sculpture of the Maleficent dragon in which she breathes fire. However, the Maleficent dragon burst into flames on Saturday night, causing a huge fire that could even be seen from other attractions at Disneyland Park.

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At this time, we’re unsure what exactly caused this fire, but we do know that Disney Parks all around the world are taking note of this disaster and taking appropriate safety measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

There have been no injury reports yet, and many fans wondered what happened to the actor portraying Mickey during this sequence. But some Guests have captured video of Mickey escaping the scene.


Replying to @mompartyof7 luckily he was on a lift, so he nodded and was just lowered

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After Mickey spots the fire effects gone wrong, the actor inside gives the signal and immediately leaves the scene through the stage floor. Here’s another view of the performer’s exit.


Sneaky Mouse, that’s so sad ? #fantasmic #animatronics #disneyanimatronics #fantasmicfire repost @BeyondDisway

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The latest update regarding the Fantasmic! fire on Saturday evening explains that all Cast Members and Guests were evacuated from Tom Sawyer Island and surrounding attractions. It also discloses that the cause for this fire is still being investigated. Not only that, but similar fire effects used during Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy will be temporarily suspended.

At this time, no changes to the Hollywood Studios’ version of the Fantasmic! show have been instituted.

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