Mickey Mouse Performer Spills All In This Viral Video – “I Was a Little Delirious and Ready to Throw Up In My Mickey Head”

When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort, the Most Magical Place on Earth, one of the most magical aspects often goes overlooked: the Cast Members.

This includes everyone from custodial to cashiers to those working in food service to character performers. After all, they are the ones who are literally making the magic happen.

Credit: Disney

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However, it’s no secret that working as a Cast Member at any of the Disney Parks is a bit of a thankless job. After all, many Guests overlook the “menial” workers in favor of the more exciting aspects of the Disney Parks. It also goes without saying that being a Disney Cast Member at any station is an incredibly physically and mentally taxing job.

Not to mention when interacting with a face character such as a Disney Princess or Mickey Mouse himself, Guests often forget to remind themselves that the actor or actress is a normal person just like themselves, not the actual character.

Cast Members

Credit: Disney

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The character performers have bad days just like we do. Unlike many of us, however, these performers have a harder time calling out of work when the going gets tough. After all, they’re working for one of the most popular theme parks in the world!

A former character performer who worked at Walt Disney World during the 2000s recently proved that when she posted a video detailing one of her most harrowing days on the job:


Disney character story time. back in the mid 2000s I was a character performer at Disney World. I Memories. #disneycharacter #storytime #disneyworld #furcharacter #mickeymouse #exdisneycastmember

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In a later video, the TikTok user adds proof of her time working as a character performer playing Mickey Mouse, so this story definitely has merit to it.

Although meeting Mickey Mouse can easily become the highlight of a day at Walt Disney World, remember to stay courteous because the person inside may be exhausted inside their Mickey head!

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