Universal Currently Has a Leg Up on Walt Disney World…But How Long Will It Last?

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Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort have been deadlocked in a close competition for years now. However, it seems that Universal has won over Disney in one of the most significant aspects of theme park management: Guest experience.

However, fans are wondering amongst themselves, how long until that changes?

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Universal Orlando Resort recently threw some shade at Walt Disney World Resort on Twitter when they published a Tweet reading, “Reservations? Where we’re going, we don’t need reservations.”

Clearly, this is in reference to how each Disney Park requires Guests to make a reservation before visiting, a relatively recent development that began during the pandemic.

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All the while, Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure still don’t require a Park Reservation, making them easier to visit. None of this has gone unnoticed by Guests, who still haven’t warmed up to Walt Disney World Resort’s Park Reservation policy.

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Many Guests see the requirement of Park Reservations as an extra step in the process, making an already complicated visit to Walt Disney World Resort even more difficult.

However, Guests also know that things may easily change once Universal’s upcoming theme park finally opens. Many fans responded to the Tweet, expressing that they have little hope that Universal’s Epic Universe won’t begin utilizing Park Reservations.

Credit: Universal Studios

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If Park Reservations become a requirement for Universal Orlando Resort once Epic Universe opens, fans will feel doubly betrayed by the fact that the company has previously poked fun at the practice.

That being said, only time will tell whether Universal begins requiring Park Reservations or not.

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