Universal Orlando Resort Undergoes Park-Wide System Outage!

Credit: Universal Studios

One of the key differences between Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World Resort is the thrill level.

Walt Disney World Resort is home to more attractions that the entire family can enjoy, with minimal height requirements and, until the debut of TRON Lightcyle Run, no storage lockers.

harry potter world hogsmeade islands of adventure

Credit: Universal

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Universal Orlando Resort, however, is full of attractions requiring storage lockers. Thrilling rides such as Jurassic Park River Adventure,  Jurassic World VelociCoaster, The Incredible Hulk, and Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure all require Guests to stow loose articles and belongings inside a locker.

Otherwise, they cannot ride the thrilling roller coaster attraction.

jurassic park river adventure

Credit: Universal

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When loose articles come onto attractions, they can become a huge hazard for everyone involved. Not only can they go flying and injure another Guest or a Team Member, but they’ll also be lost with no way to recover them. So, in the interest of saving time and money, and preventing injuries, it’s best to just stow all items inside the storage lockers.

These storage lockers can be found all throughout Universal Studios Orlando and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. In short, they’re an incredibly important aspect of Universal Orlando Resort. However, they’re currently all facing technical difficulties.

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As it turns out, Universal Orlando Resort’s park-wide storage lockers operate on a third-party system, which is currently down. That being said, considering how important this storage locker system is to all of Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, we can assume that they will be up and running again soon.

poseidon's fury exterior

Poseidon’s Fury at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. (Spectrum News/Ashley Carter)

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When it comes to park-wide systems, Universal Orlando Resort is usually on the ball about getting them resolved quickly.

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