Hundreds of Guests Unable to Plan Vacations as Disney World App Goes Haywire In “Horrible” Experience

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There’s nothing quite like a Walt Disney World vacation.

Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle is a marvel of Walt Disney Imagineering and the nighttime fireworks spectaculars always bring a tear to our eyes.

Classic attractions such as the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain leave us ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at the clever ways Disney creates that one-of-a-kind ambiance and immersion, and the parades always have us on our feet and ready to spot our favorite characters. But the enchantment doesn’t end at Magic Kingdom Park!

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Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT are all unique, with each theme park offering guests an entirely different set of experiences.

In short, there’s nothing like a Walt Disney World vacation…but there’s also nothing like planning a Walt Disney World vacation

We Can’t Deny It: Walt Disney World Vacations Are Exhausting, From Start to Finish…

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It’s no secret that guests who have experienced the different eras of Disney World are…less than thrilled with the amount of work required to plan a Disney vacation nowadays. From start to finish, planning a trip to Disney is exhausting and overwhelming.

First, guests must do their due diligence and research over two dozen Disney World Resort hotels to choose the one that suits their needs perfectly. After booking a stay and straightening out the transportation, guests are then tasked with purchasing tickets and ensuring theme park availability.

The worst part? It doesn’t end there.

Does Disney Vacation Planning Ever Truly End?

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Thanks to Disney World’s modern version of FastPass, vacation planning doesn’t officially end until the morning of a day spent at the theme park.

But for many unlucky guests visiting Walt Disney World this morning, one of the most essential aspects of planning went haywire, putting a significant roadblock in the last step to enjoying a day at a Disney Park.

Guests visiting Walt Disney World woke up this morning to find that the official My Disney Experience app wasn’t working correctly. Specifically, the app’s Genie Plus (stylistically Genie+) and Lightning Lane sections weren’t working. So, for guests visiting a Disney Park, the final step to planning a Disney vacation wasn’t working!

Day 2 and the Genie+ experience is horrible
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Guests visiting Walt Disney World can either purchase Disney Genie+ services or Individual Lightning Lanes a la carte.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using each, but purchasing Disney Genie+ services is incredibly popular for guests spending an entire day at the parks and attempting to experience as much as possible.

One of the disadvantages is the time sensitivity: Disney Genie+ services are in limited availability, and attraction selections begin at 7 a.m. the day of the theme park visit. That means guests must compete with fellow guests to purchase a Lightning Lane for the most popular attractions.

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But guests were unable to do so for hours this morning! Considering how many guests visit Walt Disney World daily (an average of 250,000 according to recent data), we can estimate that hundreds of guests were affected by this outage.

That means that hundreds of vacations may have been negatively affected due to this technological roadblock.

One guest, in particular, voiced their annoyance on Reddit, writing, “It’s really souring the experience at the moment. Especially when you’ve paid $45 for a couple of genie+ passes.”

According to the social media thread, the issue has been resolved, and Disney Genie+ services have resumed.

It’s no secret that we’re living in a different technological age; Whether we like it or not, nearly every aspect of our lives relies on smartphone use. Unfortunately, it seems that Walt Disney World has joined the club, for better or worse.

Has the My Disney Experience app ever glitched on you? Do you think Walt Disney World has begun to rely too closely on technology? Tell Disney Dining about it in the comments!

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