“Rotten Corpse” Theme Park Experience RUINS Guest’s Perception of Disney

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Although the Disney Parks are known for being the “Happiest Place on Earth” or the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” things aren’t always perfect.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true: not every Disney day can be perfect. Things can, and often will, go wrong.

Things Go Wrong at Disney Theme Parks All the Time!

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For example, every attraction on the family’s ‘must-see’ list may go down. The weather forecast may be mispredicted, causing your party to be woefully unprepared for rain, wind, or shine.

Sometimes, even when nothing goes wrong, a day spent at a Disney Park simply isn’t someone’s cup of tea.

From Walt Disney World Resort to Disneyland Resort, these vacation destinations are an entirely different species of theme parks. Experiencing a Disney day from start to finish can be akin to competing in an Olympic sport!

Visiting a Disney Park Is Expensive and Exhausting…

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Because Disney Parks are so expensive, there’s way more pressure to start the day early and cram as many experiences as possible just to get your money’s worth. But for some guests, there’s no such thing as “your money’s worth” regarding the Disney Parks.

This phenomenon isn’t helped by the fact that some Disney Parks are better than others…After all, there’s a constant debate on whether Disney World Parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT) or Disneyland Resort theme parks (Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure) are better vacation destinations.

While the debate is always ongoing, there is one thing many fans can agree on: Disneyland Paris is…kind of a mess.

There’s One Thing Disney Fans Can Agree On: Disneyland Paris Is a MESS

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Disneyland Paris, like any Disney vacation destination, is costly, but with even more pressure to stay on property due to a lack of nearby hotels. Not only that, but overcrowding has been such an issue for the theme park that management has been encouraging all guests to leave the Disney Parks from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Asking guests to leave because the theme park is too busy is unheard of for the Walt Disney Company. It’s also worth mentioning that this timeframe is not only the bulk of the day, but it’s also when the parades and nighttime spectaculars typically take place.

Not every Disney Park can have a sparkling reputation, but Disneyland Paris’ is exceptionally bad right now, made even worse by one guest’s scathing review, in which they compare the theme park to a “rotten corpse.”

One Guest Shares Their “Rotten Corpse” Disney Park Experience

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One guest had such a negative experience while visiting Disneyland Paris that they wrote a review and anonymously shared it on social media in a post titled, “Disneyland Paris: The rotten corpse of a failed amusement park dressed up like [it’s] something new.”

They begin their review by writing, “My stay at this park has been [a disappointment] to say the least.” They write that they visited Europa Park, an amusement park in Germany and that they had such a wonderful time that they thought Disneyland Paris would be a fantastic place to visit. They had incredibly high hopes, thinking it would only get better.

But as we established earlier, there’s a vast difference between a Disney Park and an average theme park.

The anonymous guest continues, writing:

Boy was I wrong. The entire park felt like a mess. It’s so crowded that you can barely even see the theming of the park. All you see [is] waves of people with crying kids waiting for what feels like [absolutely] nothing….Most of the attractions [were] either boring or broken down. …The boring rides would be ok if not for the fact that you have to wait for like two hours to get in. 

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Once again, the crowding levels of Disneyland Paris are becoming a hindrance for visiting guests. The theme park feels too suffocating, and the wait times are too long! Hopefully, there’s a silver lining, right? Wrong!

The anonymous guest continues, complaining about the poor theming of the attractions:

…everything except the castle looks like it’s falling apart with some attractions having new [IPs] poorly plastered over [them] to make it look like it’s something new.

They finish off their review by writing:

Maybe I’m just [too] old for this park but I just don’t understand how kids could even enjoy this. The entire park just feels like you can’t do anything and there’s nothing to do to escape it.

We’ve seen some scathing reviews of Disney Parks in our day, but this one may very well take the cake as the worst!

Have you ever had a horrible time while visiting a Disney Park? Tell Disney Dining about it in the comments!

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