Walt Disney World Incident Involving Injured Guest Receives Tragic Update

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Sometimes when reporting on news regarding Walt Disney World, we at Disney Dining don’t have the entire story at first. Like other news outlets, we feel the need and responsibility to report on a story as it’s unfolding.

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Sometimes, we need to go by word of mouth posted on social media websites, as it’s the biggest way we communicate with each other nowadays.

As a result, we only have the full story once certain reports are released.

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A few months ago, we reported on a frightening incident that took place at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park. While waiting in line for the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction, a Guest noticed a stretcher pull up shortly before everybody was told to leave the roller coaster attraction.

At the time, we had very little to go off of, and we could only hope the affected party was alright. Unfortunately, we’ve found the update, but it’s not the news anyone would have wanted to hear.

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According to the official injury reports for this year’s second quarter, a forty-four-year-old male Guest “collapsed after exiting the attraction” and passed away afterward from “a personal illness.”

After doing some extra research, we found another report which states that the cause of death has not been identified just yet. Reportedly, the Guest collapsed and suffered a seizure after exiting the Thunder Mountain attraction.

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The report by Florida Politics states,

According to the man’s obituary, he was remembered as a dutiful husband and father of three young boys. He was a compassionate physician who was attentive with his patients and had a good bedside manner.

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