Scary Disney Accident Leaves “Children Crying and People Screaming,” Guests Potentially Injured

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When it comes to visiting a Disney theme park, driving is one of the most common ways to get onto the premises.

Whether you’re visiting locally, visiting just for a day, or visiting a Disney Park from an off-property resort hotel, Walt Disney World and Disneyland have you covered!

There’s Huge Parking Lots, and Then There’s Disney Parking Lots

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Anyone who’s visited a Disney Park can tell you that the parking lots are massive, built especially to accommodate hundreds of visitors. Typically, after parking, guests board the parking trams to get closer to the entrance.

These parking trams are incredibly safe, and they stay on the ground, unlike the Monorails, so guests with a fear of heights can rest easy. However, nothing is perfect, and accidents can still happen, despite the Disney magic.

And last night, there seemed to have been an accident on Disney theme park property, according to the latest reports.

It’s Not Every Day You Hear About a Collision Like This at a Disney Park

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On September 3, one guest took to Reddit, asking others visiting the Disney Park if they knew why the parking trams had stopped running:

Anyone know why the trams stopped running? (Sunday night)
by u/hollywoodpunk in Disneyland

But they weren’t the only ones posting about the accident. Multiple people posted on X (formerly Twitter) about the exact same accident, one of which pointing out that guests could have gotten injured:

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As it turns out, two parking trams actually crashed into each other outside of a Disneyland theme park. Guests present on the scene reported back, saying Cast Members weren’t ‘nice or helpful.’ That being said, safety is the top priority of each Cast Member’s duties, meaning that courtesy and customer service sometimes needs to take the backseat in an event of an accident.

At this time, it doesn’t seem like any guest was seriously injured during this accident. That being said, this story is still developing. Stay tuned to Disney Dining for the latest updates.

What Should You Do If You Experience an Injury While Visiting Disney?

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When it comes to visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, an injury should be the last thing on any guest’s mind. But in the event of any theme park injuries, be sure to find a Cast Member who will assist you from there.

Cast Members will either help by offering over-the-counter medical supplies to be purchased or by pointing you in the direction of the theme park’s First Aid center.

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