Little Girl Ends up in Wheelchair After Disney World Cast Members Step In

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Cast Members working at Walt Disney World Resort are more than just the frontline employees of Mickey Mouse’s vast empire. They’re also total vacation heroes. Sometimes, real-life heroes, too!

It’s True, Cast Members Can Be Real-Life Heroes!

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Think about it: Cast Members do everything in their power to ensure things are above and beyond, and when something goes wrong, they do everything they can to make it right again.

Sometimes, Cast Members help guests reunite with lost things. In more extreme cases, they can help reunite lost members of a party.

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In other cases, Cast Members can assist when someone is experiencing an injury or an ailment, pointing out the first aid center and offering certain products, such as over-the-counter medicines and bandaids.

In the direst cases, Disney World Cast Members can even help save lives by keeping a level head and calling 911.

But in one case, Mickey’s frontline workers went above and beyond to save the day for one little girl who almost lost the Disney magic.

One Group of Cast Members Went Above and Beyond For a Family Visiting Walt Disney World

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An anonymous guest visited Walt Disney World’s EPCOT with their family, and upon entering the park, their daughter was stung by a bee. While panic ensued, nearby Cast Members stepped in and saved the day. They posted the entire story onto Reddit’s social media platform, writing:

My family visited Disney recently and cast members at Epcot saved our vacation. My child was stung by something (left the stinger behind, which I pulled out immediately) at the gate – I didn’t see it happen, I was working on getting through the gate. One second everything was fine and the next she was [in] pain screaming at the top of her lungs.

[Cast Members] ran over immediately and brought her ice, a toy to hold, a wheelchair and umbrella for shade. Her finger was very very swollen. The cast members helped us call emergency services who said she was okay and it would just be painful and she didn’t need to go to the Emergency Room.

A cast member, a supervisor maybe, helped the rest of my family make it to a character breakfast and also made sure my daughter could go too even though we arrived well after the reservation. The help they provided saved my vacation and helped my daughter have a great day at the parks after such a rough start.

Cast members saved the day
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Despite being stung by a bee, which, let’s face it, is one of the worst-case scenarios for a little one, she was still able to have an amazing day at EPCOT, all thanks to the Cast Members’ quick thinking!

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Cast Members at Walt Disney World have a tougher job than we realize. They truly are the heart and soul of the Disney experience. With training focused on being committed to the “Disney Difference,” the philosophy of working to exceed guests’ expectations at every opportunity, we’d say these Cast Members went above and beyond.

Ensure on your next Disney vacation that you are extra nice to the employees who assist you.

Have you ever experienced a saving moment from a Disney Cast Member? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. It is so nice that this family shared their experience Cast Members are for the most part so attentive and so wonderfully kind.I have witnessed in the parks many times these Cast Members doing just that making sure their guests have a magical day.I have also witnessed many times the verbal abuse these Cast Members are subject to by the ones that take advantage of them.This story albeit sad for the little girl makes me happy the Cast Members were so wonderfully kind and involved.I applaud you all involved, and all the Cast Members that make our Disney days so magical.Thank You.

  2. Cast Members need more recognition, It has to be a tough job job dealing with all that can and will happen with people from all over the World. My Hats Off to all of them.

  3. The cast members are the magic. Most of us know this as a fact. The front line/guest facing Disney people are the best!

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