Disney Cast Member Takes to Social Media, Begging Guests to “Please Be Nice”

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If you’ve ever been a Disney Cast Member, then you know how stressful the job can be.

As a Walt Disney World Cast Member, you’re responsible for the illusion and performance of Disney magic, as well as the enjoyment and, most importantly, the safety of the Guests.

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If that isn’t stressful enough, working at Walt Disney World is a high-demand occupation even without the sky-high expectations.

So, it comes as very little surprise to hear that one anonymous Cast Member recently took to social media, begging Guests to have more be more understanding toward Disney Cast Members.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

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They begin by claiming that they work at one of Walt Disney World’s biggest table service restaurants. They go on to explain that many Guests have berated them due to the table they’ve been seated at.

They write,

I implore you, please do not take it out on the seaters. We make around $16.00/hr and do not deserve any of the disrespectful behavior we receive. If you have issues, please ask for a coordinator or a leader. They will do their best at the current time to see if there are any accommodations they can make.

Be Our Guest

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The anonymous Cast Member says that they have “no control over table assignments and often deal with a high volume of Guests,” saying that rude behavior will only make it more difficult for them to make the experience as magical as they can.

They end by reminding the reader that “Cast Members are people too:”

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that cast members are people too. We work long hours in sometimes challenging conditions to make your Disney experience magical. Being kind and respectful goes a long way and is quite refreshing for us CMs.

Cast Members Only

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Reportedly, this Cast Member has worked at Walt Disney World for around a year and has also worked at Universal Studios-possibly even at the same time.

It’s important to keep in mind that while visiting Walt Disney World, we need to be the magic we want to see in the world. While it can be a stressful and expensive vacation, we should always strive to be respectful and kind to our fellow Guests and the Cast Members.

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