Cat Cast Members In Disney World? Guest Captures Footage of the Cutest Cast Member Around


From Simba from The Lion King (1994) to the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland (1951) to the three kittens from The Aristocats (1970), the Walt Disney Company has plenty of beloved cat Disney characters.

But you probably didn’t know that Disneyland Resort is (supposedly) home to real feral cats!

Disneyland Castle

Credit: Disney

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The urban legend of the Disneyland cats claims that the Disney Park allows hundreds of feral cats to call the Happiest Place on Earth their home in exchange for natural pest control.

It’s not too difficult to believe, considering that feral cats (unlike domesticated house cats) are excellent at hiding, especially from humans.

Disney Mandela effects

Credit: Disney

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While nobody knows how many cats exactly call Disneyland Park their home, this fun Disney fact is widely accepted. However, it’s not as quickly believed on the other side of the country in Walt Disney World. Mostly, this skepticism comes from how few and far between these cat sightings are.

However, one fan recently posted a video they took of one of these supposed cat Cast Members hanging out in Magic Kingdom.

Cat at magic kingdom a few years ago, totally forgot I had this video
by u/jadennew in WaltDisneyWorld

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Although these kitty Cast Members are super adorable and sure to brighten anyone’s day at Disney, approaching these feral cats is not a good idea. More often than not, a feral cat will simply run away from a human because it’s not as familiar with people as domesticated house cats.

the aristocats

Credit: Disney

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But in the worst-case scenario, a feral cat could easily lash out at you if you get too close! So be sure to admire from afar when it comes to feral cat sightings in the Disney Parks.

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