Former Face Character Reveals the Ugly Truth About Selfish Cast Members at Disney

Walt Disney World Resort is officially tagged as the Most Magical Place on Earth, and it couldn’t be a more fitting title.

cinderella castle

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From the impressive immersion to the lasting memories Guests make while visiting, the Disney magic is alive and well at Walt Disney World.

However, much of that magic couldn’t be achieved without the help of the dutiful Cast Members. Disney Cast Members often go under-looked and under-appreciated by the Walt Disney Company and Guests alike.

Disney Cast Members

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Recently, Guests have made bigger efforts to make the Cast Members of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort feel more appreciated. But what happens when Disney Workers get a little stingy with the Disney magic? One former character performer recently made a video on social media detailing her experience with selfish Cast Members.

TikTok user @sarahdanielstv used to be friends with Tinker Bell at Walt Disney World, and although she loved it, she had to get these experiences off her chest.


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In this video, the former Cast Member describes the behavior associated with character attendants who wanted to create magical moments with Guests visiting for a meet-and-greet, often stealing Tinker Bell’s thunder.

A character attendant’s job is to accompany Disney characters, enforce rules, and ensure the safety of the character performer. It’s an essential job, as it doesn’t break the immersion or risk performers breaking character. But when done improperly, it can steal the spotlight from the real stars of the show: the Disney characters.

Princess Tiana

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Although that one-of-a-kind Disney Magic is alluring and hard to resist, it’s of utmost importance to preserve it for children finally experiencing a meet-and-greet with their favorite character.

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