Prince Ali Plays a Silly Prank on Guest During Beloved Disney Parade

aladdin ending
Credit: Disney

When visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort alike, Guests are always thrilled by the classic attractions, fun character interactions, and one-of-a-kind live entertainment. We’re talking, of course, about the parades.

Disneyland Castle

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When it comes to Disney, Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park are the two most quintessential theme parks. Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park are home to the most classic attractions, such as “it’s a small world,” the Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Not only that, but Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park are home to the iconic parades. Over at Disneyland Park, the Magic Happens parade is currently running, and it is a sight to behold.

magic happens returns

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The Magic Happens parade is full of stunning floats, delightful dancers, beautiful costumes, and fun character interactions. As Disney characters dance and walk around on the ground, they often walk up to Guests for a micro-interaction. It can make the parade the highlight of many Guests’ days to receive a high five from a beloved character, to have a quick interaction, or to snap a picture up close of them.

Some characters, though, are more mischievous than others, such as the infamous diamond in the rough, Aladdin.

aladdin and jasmine face characters

Credit: Disney

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Aladdin is known for having the rugged street smarts of a street rat and the charm and looks of a handsome prince. He’s full of smart quips and mischief due to always running away from the authorities!

It seems that even as a prince, Aladdin hasn’t grown out of these qualities.


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In this video, Prince Ali walks up to the Guest behind the camera, saying, “Check it out!” and holding out the golden lamp. As the Guest rubs the lamp, Aladdin reveals “nobody’s home” and points to Genie, who is also performing in the parade.

As far as character interactions go, this one is pretty fulfilling!

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